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This quote is straight from the book, in the homemade soup description, in Stage 1 of the intro diet. Late reply– I just started GAPS, but I believe they are ok as long as they have been simmered at least 30 minutes with your meat stock.
If anyone tries to do GAPS based on an unofficial resource alone, they’re likely to fail. It does sound like you disagree on what the research has said is and isn’t allowed in the intro diet. The above paragraph has resulted in some confusion as to what specific vegetables are allowed on the GAPS Introduction Diet. Due to a few medical issues i’m eating a high fat ketogenic diet right now, mostly made up of animal fats. Natasha’s book Gut and Psychology Syndrome to really understand The GAPS Diet, and how to introduce each new food.

I’m a certified GAPS practitioner and this is not helping but making it harder for people to go through introduction diet.
She does not imply anywhere that this is all there is to GAPS, it doesn’t even discuss timing. It is not the job of everyone who ever mentions GAPS to put in an intensive explanation of what GAPS is and how to properly do it. Your desires will let you know how quickly to move through the stages of the Introduction Diet.
It’s the responsibility of those who want to do GAPS to put in the time to research it. I certainly won’t be eating them while on the introduction diet and will be re-introducing them quite carefully, as they make me very ill. Natasha is a neurologist with a masters in nutrition from the UK, who created a dietary protocol for healing autism, as well as other neurological, chronic and autoimmune issues.

Focus on highlighting the foods they need to eat the most of, especially in stage one of introduction diet. The GAPS Diet helps by healing and sealing the gut lining, reducing toxic burden on the immune system, and replenishing beneficial microbes.
When I first began my journey into real foods and dietary healing, the most surprising aspect was the concept of animal fats and cholesterol as healthy and healing.

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  1. SERCH:
    Phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese, selenium.
  2. undergraund:
    Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein fiber, phytosterols, vitamin.