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The ability of fatty acid to form complexes with some metals (Cu, Co) and to be detectable by spectrophotometry was formerly used. In just 1 minute you can perform at production line the analysis of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) value in edible fats and oils using innovative CDR FoodLab method that simplifies and speeds up the AOCS Official Method Ca 5a- 40 procedure with the same accuracy.
FoodLab Touch: designed for analysis on food like milk, eggs, tomatoes, vegetable puree, cheese, dairy products and fats. The acid content of edible fats is given by the quantity of free fatty acids deriving from the hydrolytic rancidity of triglycerides.
Code *300128: kit suitable for 10 tests, contains 1 bag includes 10 pre-filled cuvettes with reagent (mixture of alcohols and chromogenous compounds).

Specific curves suitable for the analyzers FoodLab Touch e FoodLab Touch for fats and oils.
The curve 5µL is the same for the analysis of fats, but in this case it is necessary to make a small sample treatment . Specific curves suitable for the analyzers FoodLab Touch and FoodLab Touch for fats and oils.
The curves are the same for the analysis of fats, these are the most suitable rangefor the application of dried fruit nuts. Curve primarily applicable in the control of Biodiesel and fuel oils, requiring the expression of the result in Acid Aalue.

The decreasing of color, read at 630 nm, is proportional to the acid concentration of the sample, expressed as % of oleic acid. As this alteration occurs in unsuitable conditions for the processing and preservation of fats, acidity represents a basic indicator of the genuineness of the product. The test is particularly important during the refining of oils and fats, for the assessment of the processing cycle and for the definition of product categories.

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