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The history of Filipino recipes of diverse Philippines food list is truly of a wide variety and can compare to what marine life our country has in the numerous protected reefs of our seas in the Pacific Ocean.
If you liked our feature here at Filipino recipes page, please don't forget to show your love and share it with friends and family. Ingredients are always carefully mixed to ensure that children have a balanced diet of essential nutrients for their development. It can be rooted to the fact that we are a tropical country where plants and I'm glad to say cooking herbs and spices dwell and grow in its wild forms in the forest and yes, even on the side streets. China for one has probably populated the list of authentic and never-heard ingredients used to cook the traditional menu probably up to 90% (by estimate).

Kulitis for one is a family favorite and a great nutrient-rich resource for good green salad recipes whereas if you cook chicken, pork or beef recipes in sauce, it can definitely add up some green beauty as a side dish and additive. India is another great resource while the Philippines had its own list growing from age-old cooking Filipino recipes straight from food blogs and bloggers out there. These foods abound in the environment, a testimony of God’s love, wisdom and generosity. Nature, with its own rhythm based on the country’s climate and seasons creates food that is appropriate for the human body.
We've never been sick for almost 5 years now, not even the simplest cold can catch us all 3, Ana TJ and me, Sam, unguarded even during heavy rainy seasons in the Philippines from May-December.By now, our family is sure you are all excited to see what we do to make our Filipino recipes and cuisine in the dining table a hearty healthy meal so by all means, take a quick peek and see our large list below.

She has rehabilitated severely malnourished children, helped breastfeeding mothers and many others heal from their illnesses through the use of indigenous foods. They were breastfeeding mothers who believe and practiced exclusive breastfeeding beyond 2 years complemented with indigenous foods from 6 months. The professional fees support scholarships and advocacy projects of Children for Breastfeeding, Inc.

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