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Many individuals are ignorant of foreign culinary cultures, especially eating etiquette and the types of dishes or food served. Growing up, many people's exposure to food is confined to what they experience eating at home or within their local community. While traveler's guides have been around for ages in the forms of text, audio, images, and video across mediums like books, audiotapes, websites, and tv shows, the distinct disadvantage of these guides is that they inherently attempt to pass on knowledge in a one-way interaction.
Of course, such a "real-life" experience is not very practical - one can always look up recipes and attempt to cook them, but this requires a user to be able to actually cook food (something an adult might be able to handle, but not a young child), and also own the proper cooking equipment (a college student with a microwave and a meal plan wouldn't have the tools to learn about baking soufflГ©s or grilling a steak). Serious games provide a solution by offering some level of interactivity - while a game obviously can not replicate a real-life experience exactly, it involves and requires user interaction in a way that books, pictures, and videos cannot. As players progress through the game, they can acquire new dishes to add to their recipe books. Another is a mini-game concept - if you do well you end up with better ingredients, which combines with the cooking stage to give you a better final food score (or customer reviews).
This would be the stage at which point you must actually use the foods you have purchased to make the correct dishes as per the recipe book, with fun ways of integrating challenges of cooking into making the recipe memorable to the player.

This stage of the game should likely be kept pretty simple, but include many different elements of the venue you are working in - for instance, in a stage in a club, you might be instead serving drinks instead of food.
Food Network Magazine‘s last book, Great Easy Meals, was a New York Times bestseller. You can still get FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE’s 1,000 EASY RECIPES: Super Fun Food for Every Day today! I have a son who has food allergies and it can be tough finding things to make for him that he can eat and will like!
These ladies learned of their food allergies a lot later in life and had to relearn how to cook for themselves with little help from doctors. Not only does this book share individual recipes for main courses, side dishes, desserts, etc., but also includes full menu suggestions for holiday cooking and entertaining. Celebrate 175 years of MHC diversity and tradition with the Recipes Beyond the Gates recipe book!
This diverse collection features recipes for delectable cuisine from around the world, along with Mount Holyoke classics such as Deacon Porter’s Hat and (published for the first time ever!) Chef Jeff’s too-good-to-be-true Chef Jeff Cookie recipe!

Proceeds go to Gardening the Community, a local community garden and food justice organization that works with neighborhood youth to build healthy and equitable communities. Each Recipes Beyond the Gates book costs $15, plus $6 for the shipment of up to five books. In this recipe book, the Mount Holyoke community puts its ‘best food forward’ with submissions from students, faculty, and staff.
And the book is filled with photos so beautiful, you might even consider eating some of those!

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