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Australian and New Zealand Health Ministers voted to adopt a new set of food laws that will provide a number of important benefits for consumers in December 2001.
Firstly, virtually all food products will now have to include a nutrition information panel that shows how much energy (kilojoules), protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugar and sodium is present in the food.
A second significant change that will benefit people interested in heart health, is that nutrition information panels will now have to include the level of saturated fat in the food.
Therefore, having information on the saturated fat content on food labels will help people to choose foods lower in saturated fat. It is important to realise that because saturated fat will now be shown on food labels, it does not necessarily mean the food now has saturated fat, cholesterol or animal fat added to it. For high fat foods (like table spreads and cooking oils), choose those that are labelled as either ‘polyunsaturated’ or ‘monounsaturated’, as these are lower in saturated fats.
Dick Smith Foods donated $1 million to charity in 2014 and the supporters of Dick Smith Foods have been the sole decision makers as to where the money did go. The introduction of the Food Standards Code on 20 December 2002 for manufactured and packaged foods in Australia and New Zealand has made Reading Food Labels easier to understand.
Sugars in the nutrition panel includes, naturally occurring sugar in fruits and milk and added sugars.

Sodium or salt can occur in large amounts in some foods including cheese, canned foods, processed meats and some cereals. If a product makes a claim such as low in fat or gluten free for example, information must be given about that nutrient in the nutrition information panel. These terms may refer to being light in colour, flavour, texture, taste or fat content of the food. Surveys have shown that a high proportion of people use food labels to understand the foods they buy and that the people know read nutrition labels have better diets.
A major component of the new food laws is the new way that nutrition information panels will be shown on food packaging.
Previously, only products that made certain claims about the nutritional benefits of their products were required to show a nutrition panel.
All fat in foods contains a mixture of saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. Therefore, look at the amount of kilojoules on the nutrition panel, and where possible, choose the product with the lower amount. Manufacturers can face fines of up to $100,000 for misleading or incorrect labeling of food products.

Saturated fat is the major fat found in foods like meats, dairy products as well as some types of vegetable oils (like palm oil and coconut oil) and the foods made from these oils (eg commercial cakes, biscuits, pastry and fried foods).
However these cereals (like most cereals) are both very low in total fat and saturated fat, and are healthy food choices. Foods with a low GI raise blood glucose more slowly (compared to foods with a high GI) and are recommended for weight control. It is only found on some types of foods and doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best choice, but only a guide. As some foods with a low GI also contain a high amount of fat, only those foods that follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines (low in saturated fat, low in sodium and high in dietary fibre) can carry the GI symbol. The nutrition information panel will reveal whether the product really is low in fat by comparing the fat content per 100g on the back with similar products. Food such as bread, pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables are healthy choices although no tick appears on these products.

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