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Food Planner is probably the best way to plan your meals, shopping frenzies, and cooking sessions on your Android device. A top rated app on the Google Play Store, Meal Plans – Food on the Table app does two things.
The Fast Food Calorie Lookup app lets you count the exact amount of calories found on the food that you are about to eat. The Fast Food Calorie Lookup app has a great and simple interface, and it has over 16,000 food items listed for your pleasure. This app can be especially useful for people who don’t have prior wine knowledge and are clueless about pairing wines with food. There are lots of apps on Google Play that you can use to keep you well grounded in your passion for food. But, the best thing about Food Planner is that you can sync all your collections between multiple devices, so you don’t have to start all over again.

We really think that it’s a very useful app, as people don’t really like being told how many calories they are getting from their food. The Wine and Food Pairing app will suggest the perfect wine for the food that you are serving. The various food categories covered are cheese, nuts, meats, seafood, veggies, fruit, herbs, and seasonings. Just about every kind of dish, like main courses, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, exotic recipes, soups, stews, and diet recipes are covered, and no category is left unexplored. So, each time you go to the restaurant and look at the menu, you can consult this app to check how much your favorite food is going to cost you in terms of calories. Various topics covered are food flavors, cuisines, delicacies, food history, naming conventions, and delicious recipes. This app has been developed by some of the world’s best food experts, which means that you are in good hands.

This app is perfect if you want to learn more about the benefits of a raw food diet and how it helps you in keeping your body healthy. The app has been prepared by expert nutritionists, so you don’t have to fear about getting the wrong food in your mouth.
Also, the app includes food from countries that have the best taste including Italy, France, Mexico, Japan, USA, China, India, England, Scotland, Sweden, Spain and many more.

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