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The favorite baby shower foods are the appetizer and the finger foods, this dishes are easy to prepare and also ideal for the baby shower on a budget. And because of this event become a time to celebrating the mom with her baby and also all the closest friends with whole family, the food have to be extra ordinary. But, the main dishes that match with your baby shower is making a salad, pasta or maybe sandwiches, and maybe you have to make the foods that suit with the theme of your baby shower.

If you served the food with aВ  bar, you can use another variety meal, like a chips, pizza with miniature, taco and also the burrito bar.
When you have a chance to selecting the foods, it will be a challenge, because you are a pregnant woman and have a lot of rules to dues and avoid the food allergies for the baby. The time of your party can make a different food to, when its morning or early afternoon, maybe you can serve a buffet of bagels, cream cheese and the fruits.

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