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In this film, both ordinary working citizens and celebrities alike exchange harmful drugs, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy for the joys of holistic healing with juice-fasting, cleansing, yoga, Chinese medicine and many other non-toxic alternatives. If you want more info on the Gala, head here to the Food Heals Fundraising Gala webpage, and for more info on the film, go here to holisticvoice.org.
Oz stop by the Breakfast Club in New York to shoot the ish, spread health news and promote his magazine recently hit the stands.

I’ve head interviews where he has said that he is in better shape now than when he played in the league. I know that I want to see the documentary and I think that I might throw down and hit up the gala if I can free up the time.
After checking the documentary, you see a lot of familiar faces and familiar stories, but I think that its awesome to get them all in one place at one time to tell their stories.

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