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But the most important finding was that the more food records people kept, the more weight they lost. In your Weight Loss Resources online food diary, you can see how your calories add up on a daily basis. You’ll also be able to access our food database, with calories and nutrition info for over 60,000 UK foods, which makes keeping your online food diary easy. But the best thing about the Weight Loss Resources' food diary is that you can try it for free. It is also true to say that writing down everything you eat and drink can seem tricky, time consuming and confronting - so try not to be put off. One woman willing to join me in this exercise tells me she thinks she will eat a lot less in a day if she knows she will be writing everything down, which makes sense, because keeping a food diary is one of the most effective weight-loss techniques. People who kept no food records lost about 9 pounds, and those who kept six or more per week lost about 20 pounds – double the amount of weight.

Perhaps it will be at the unsuspected amounts of high-fat or high-sugar food you eat in a given day. To make this exercise maximally useful, I’ll need to write down precisely how much of each food item I eat.
They were also advised to always keep their food diary with them.Several studies suggest that a food diary is the best weapon for effective weight loss. In 2008, researchers found that dieters who tracked their food intake six days a week lost twice as much weight as those who kept food records one day a week or less.A food diary works because it makes you aware of what, how much and why you are eating. It highlights not only the foods you are eating, but also the foods you may not be eating enough of.Recording your food intake also helps to deter overeating and prevent mindless nibbles. Cranberries are a nutritious, antioxidant food with lots of vitamin C and fiber, but I cannot help noting the amount I am eating on my morning cereal contains much more sugar than that crispy rice bar.
It’s something I have all my clients do for at least the first four weeks of their program.You can purchase any number of diet and fitness journals in bookstores.

You can jot down your food intake on a pad of paper.Or you can use a calorie and diet tracker on your smartphone or tablet.
For some people, it’s also helpful to track grams of carbohydrate.Update as you goRecord your food intake after each meal.
For many people, weekends are the most important days to keep tabs on food intake.Review and reflectLook back and evaluate your food diary. Take notice of what you are doing well at and what you need to work on.Leslie Beck, a registered dietitian, is the national director of nutrition at BodyScience Medical.

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