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Although this chart is protected by copyright law, ABCompany grants permission to copy and distribute the chart freely for non-commercial use, without change or charge.
Recipes, healthy eating habits, new sources of food and what to look for in our diet that could prevent us from reaching our goal of living healthy. A study carried out by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL and the Swedish supermarket chain Coop, set out to finally determine whether eating organic food makes a difference to our health.

A copy of the Alkaline-Acid Foods chart should be stuck to the front of every refrigerator in the world. In your text you are saying that lemons are acidic, which is true, but in the chard it is stated that it has a pH of 10.
Also oranges and blueberries are known for their acidic taste but are located as pH 8 and 9.

The exercises you will learn are so effective, you don't need to make any drastic life style changes, such as change of diet or slowing down, to completely get rid of your headaches.

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