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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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Wonder Creams (ВЈ115 for 300ml)Philippa Davie, 46, a teacher, lives in Scotland with her husband and three children.
Smear a blob of the latest wonder cream into flabby thighs or a spreading stomach and then just watch the weight melt away. She says: ‘Having smothered my belly with the two creams over the past few weeks I have the softest skin but have only gone down by one inch.
The wonder product consisted of two creams, one applied a couple of minutes after the other.
I’m not sure if this is because of the cream – if it is, it hasn’t done much.’Result Lost one inchKaren Wooton, 36, works  in marketing and lives with her partner in the West Midlands. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the BootsWebMD Site. She says:‘I have to admit I didn’t manage to use the cream every single day – life is  hectic at the moment because I have a 14-month-old baby as well as a six-year-old and a seven-year-old. Clearly the cream must have something in it.’Result Lost two inchesLindy Margolis, 47, a receptionist, is separated  and lives in Manchester with her two children.
But I don’t think not using the cream led to gaining two inches!’ Result Gained two inches Katherine Nathan, 40, a housewife, lives in Cheshire with her husband Paul, 48,  a dentist, and their children Charlotte, 11, and Jack, nine.
But for some people cellulite can be very conspicuous, forming large areas of lumpy skin, deep dimples and creases. Though I’ve a feeling the massaging helps to disperse the fat and could be done with or without the cream.

I was quite pleased with the results.’Result Lost two-and- a-half inchesTOTAL LOSS TWO INCHESTHE CONCLUSIONThat there is no dramatic difference between the  two sets of results comes as no surprise to Dr David Ashton, medical director of Healthier Weight Centres.
Causes of celluliteCellulite is caused by fat deposits that sit side-by-side with tough collagen fibres that are anchored to the muscle beneath. When the fibres pull tight, or the fatty areas grow larger, the fat deposits may bulge out. But it wouldn’t really matter what cream you used.’ Repetitive massage encourages the lymph glands to flush out excess fluid, which might also have a slimming effect.
Treatment: Weight lossIf cellulite is caused by fatty deposits, it makes sense that losing weight would be a good strategy. In fact, in a small 2006 study, the appearance of cellulite improved for 17 women enrolled in medically supervised weight loss programmes. The average weight loss was 13kg (30 pounds.) However, for nine women, the cellulite actually appeared to worsen, especially if the skin was looser after they lost weight. The theory is that retinol stimulates skin tissues to create thicker skin that better covers the lumps and bumps of cellulite.
Topical: Methylxanthine creamsSome studies suggest improvement in cellulite with the use of creams containing methylxanthines, including caffeine, aminophylline and theophylline, but the extent of improvement is questionable. These creams are thought to act by breaking down fat, but it's not clear whether enough of the substance penetrates the skin. Topical: Herbal creamsHerbal creams containing a variety of ingredients, such as gingko biloba, sweet clover and evening primrose oil, claim to reduce cellulite, perhaps by affecting circulation.

In fact, one study of 32 anti-cellulite creams contained more than 260 different chemical ingredients. RadiofrequencyRadiofrequency devices deliver heat - sometimes combined with tissue massage - to damage the underlying fat and connective tissue.
LiposuctionStandard liposuction techniques could actually lead to more skin dimpling, because the fat that causes cellulite lies close to the surface of the skin.
Laser-assisted liposuction, with short pulses of high power, has been used to destroy and remove fat under the skin. SubcisionIn this invasive technique, a needle is used to snip the connective tissue beneath the skin that is causing the fat deposits to bulge. But there's no scientific evidence that body wraps have a lasting effect on cellulite or fat.
A combination of strength training and aerobic exercise, such as jogging or walking, can build muscle and burn fat.

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