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Get everything you need to make healthy dinners all week for less than $50 with this 5-night fall dinner plan. Download a FREE 1-Week Dinner Plan & Shopping List for 5 Fast Fall Dinner Recipes from One Bag of Groceries!
Get a weeknight dinner plan of 5 quick dinner recipes for under $3 a serving, plus a shopping list for the recipes.
The beginning of the week can be hectic, so a quick healthy dinner is key to more time unwinding after work and less time on yet another obligation for the day. Spicy mushrooms and kale: This simple recipe for spicy mushrooms and kale is full of flavor, thanks to the simple additions of pepper flakes and a little bit of vegetable stock. Vegan falafel burgers: Make Meatless Monday a burger night with these incredibly healthy and fast vegan falafel-inspired burgers, made with millet, frozen spinach, and garbanzo beans.

Bok choy hash: If you're not in the mood for yet another stir fry, get a little creative and still save time on dinner with this bok choy hash recipe.
Serve up dinner for your family every night this week with these five recipes and one easy shopping list.
With this plan and one (preplanned) bag of groceries, you’ll have what you need for dinner every night this week. Download a mini cookbook with all the recipes for this healthy weekly dinner meal plan plus a printable shopping list! These five dinner recipes from the EatingWell Test Kitchen helpfully watch the budget for you: all cost less than $3 per serving. Don't think a salad for dinner has to be boring; this Southwestern quinoa salad recipe with lime vinaigrette doesn't skimp on flavor.

Once you've cooked the potatoes, throwing in whatever vegetables you have on hand takes little time at all, making this satisfying dish the perfect option for a weeknight dinner.
With a few choice ingredients on the shopping list (pork chops, snap peas), it’s easy to produce a fast and fabulous dinner (Pork Lo Mein) on a Thursday night. That’s because you’ve already cooked the pasta from the shopping bag on Wednesday, using half of it for Cincinnati Chili. Not at all: on Tuesday you cooked extra rice, which set up Friday’s dinner (Rice, Cheddar & Spinach Pie) nicely.

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