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I have always had great skin but like you said Lauren, even us with great skin have blemishes and acne once in a while! I am currently on the phase one of the Dukan Diet, which consists of eating ONLY lean proteins for a very short time (between 3 and 10 days) to lose a huge amount of weight very quickly, before I start phase 2 and incorporate veggies to my diet again. I love this post because I have suffered from acne prone skin for as long as I can remember. My favourite acne fighting foods are green tea and watermelon but I eat almost all of these foods in my usual diet anyway! I’d read an article about a year ago detailing a study that found eating and applying fruits combats acne, even the deep cystic kind.
These foods are awesome acne fighters because magnesium helps to balance out acne-inducing hormones. I never realized but I’ve been eating most of these foods all summer and my face has been clearing up so now I know!

I am one who has suffered with acne and once I found out that what I eat can have an affect on my skin I totally changed my food choices. I can always tell when I’ve had a little splurge because I start to get acne on my forehead and chin but if I stop eating processed sugar (stopping eating sweets and chocolate is usually enough) it will go back to normal a few days later! In addition to eating more fruits, I looked for products that has natural planet and fruit extracts.
Home Remedies For Acne may help you to get rid of your Acne Problem easily, safely and naturally.
These foods will help protect your skin from acne scarring and activate healing powers to amend damaged or irritated skin. Try munching on artichokes, oatmeal, brown rice, and figs to get hormonal acne under control. Refined sugar is another culprit in this category because it makes your blood sugar levels spike, which then causes acne outbreaks.

This will balance your insulin-levels and help to rebalance the rest of your hormones and the acne will disappear. For today’s Tuesday Ten, I researched acne-fighting food properties that are proven to help beat blemishes or keep them at bay (sources listed at the bottom of this blog post).
Eating a handful of berries or a spinach salad is a yummy way to add antioxidants into your daily food routine. In addition to drinking your 8 glasses a day (a daily requirement in my book!), eating foods with a high water content like watermelon and cucumbers, and also parsley will free your system of toxins as well.

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