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This recipe feels like a small triumph to me, because I’ve been searching for a raw, vegan pancake recipe that I like for a long, long time. A lot of you are probably experimenting with more raw foods now that summer’s on the way, and that’s great. And if you’re not in the mood for pancakes, check out this post from the archive on some of my top breakfast ideas. I have to warn the folks who want to just grill them, I tried that with a raw recipe once that was almond flour based and it was a huge mess.
And for those of us on the opposite end of the world, entering winter, posts like this are a good incentive to stay raw in the cold!
However, before food safety standards were improved, raw eggs sometimes contained salmonella and required cooking… to be safe to eat.

My first experiment was with Ani Phyo’s raw flax and coconut oil pancakes (from her first book), which were delicious, but frankly much too heavy for me. This seemed right for me—banana is my favorite breakfast fruit, the ingredient list was short, the process was easy—but what I ended up with was closer to a fruit leather than a pancake.
These banana pancakes are a good in-between: they’re filling and dense, but they also have a pliable texture. If you ignore the dehydration time, these guys are really a lot easier than normal pancakes.
The mix should be similar to regular pancake mix; if you need more almond milk, go ahead and add it. Flip the pancakes (use a spatula or inverted spatula) and dehydrate for another two and a half.

I know that one of the bigger challenges for the newly raw can be adjusting to cool breakfasts—it’s easy to get tired of smoothies, which don’t always offer much in the way of satiety and texture.
I’d throw some cashew creme on top too, because pancakes with whipped cream and berries is the best breakfast ever! I love pan cakes and as a kid I remember eating them together with my friends in our house and my mom can’t finish cooking more!!! I am striving for a raw pancake without banana, because we’ve got an allergy in the family.

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