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Hot showers all round at 6pm, along with an apple and a muesli bar for afternoon tea while the dinner team organises a meal of dahl, spaghetti, or couscous.
Free time follows, used for some well-earned rest and relaxation, until lights out at 10pm (though most of us are in bed before 9).
But at home, I’ve made a dedicated effort to keep the pantry stocked with only healthy snacks, and lacking nothing else to eat, it’s much easier (and more satisfying) to maintain my healthy diet. I learned a lot of lessons about life from this experience, but the one I want to share most is around food. All I want to do is help you become a little more conscious of the sorts of foods you eat every week.

Every meal I ate on camp was ridiculously healthy, and provided me with all the energy and nutrition I needed. I know writing about it like that makes it seem unsatisfying and insubstantial, but I promise you from the very bottom of my stomach, I feel so much better for eating healthily. After lunch the next day I felt like eating chocolate to cleanse my pallet, so I bought even more cake, which tasted great but instantly made me feel sick afterwards. I realised that I had become so healthy that I could instantly feel the effects of the sugar, saturated fat and other gross things that I was eating.
It’s hard to imagine life without junk food, but during the week of training, it didn’t cross my mind even once.

The first three days of being back in the city involved getting over some massive cravings for chocolate.
But I know now how unnecessary sugar is, how I just enjoy eating it because of the momentary pleasure it brings my tastebuds rather than because I’m hungry or I need the energy.

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