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Tuna packed in water is not a weight-loss miracle, but it can be a healthy part of an overall fat-loss plan. Each 3-ounce serving of light tuna packed in water has just 73 calories, making it a diet-friendly choice. Canned tuna is high in omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, more commonly called DHA and EPA. Albacore tuna, a large fish, has a higher mercury content than skipjack, a smaller tuna often used to make canned, light tuna.
Why oats are so good for you: Oats are a great way to get soluble fiber in your diet (they deliver 3 grams per serving).
Why tea is so good for you: While we’re on the subject of tea, there’s no doubt it’s a super-healthy, budget-friendly addition to your diet.
Why cabbage is so good for you: Like kale, cabbage is a cruciferous vegetableВ and diets rich in cruciferous vegetables are linked to lower rates of cancer.
The fact is, if tuna makes up too large a part of your cats diet, they could be missing out on essential vitamins such as vitamin E.
As well as the fatty oils and brine not being good for your cat, extra ingredients such as spices, tomato flavorings etc, are sometimes mixed in to canned tuna. A small amount of tuna for your cat, whether it expensive fresh tuna or the cheaper canned variety (either for humans or as tinned cat food), is not going to harm your feline friend.

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On the face of it you would think yes, cats enjoy fish therefore feeding your cat tuna would be good for them.
Subjects tried diets of both 15 percent and 30 percent protein, with normal carbohydrate intake. Your 1-year-old can eat canned tuna as long as you limit his intake and choose the tuna lowest in mercury levels. A January 2011 "Consumer Reports" article found that 6 percent of canned light tuna had two or more times as much mercury as albacore tuna.
Plus, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend cutting back on meat—eating tuna up to twice a week is one way to do that. This adds to the notion that tuna is best placed as a treat, rather than part of a staple diet. While you should make sure your cat has varying flavorings of cat food, both for his enjoyments sake, and nutritional benefits, tuna based cat food is designed to give your cat a healthy amount of protein while not being harmful on the mercury and magnesium stakes.
Avoid any type of diet that only includes canned tuna or any other specific food, as well as diets that cut out entire food groups.
Also, skip the mayonnaise or other fatty mixers, and flavor your tuna with lemon juice or black pepper.

On the higher-protein diet, participants consumed 441 fewer calories per day and lost about 11 pounds over 12 weeks. Look for chunk light tuna, which comes from smaller tuna fish and is lower in mercury than white albacoreВ tuna. Adding just 1 tablespoon of mayo adds 93 calories -- even more than the serving of tuna contains.
When you start feeding your child tuna, watch carefully for signs for an allergic reaction and don't start any other new foods for at least three days. Give no more than two child-sized servings per week of canned, light tuna and no more than one serving of albacore tuna. Tuna is an example of lean protein, and other options include low-fat dairy, egg whites, beans and tofu. Babies can eat fish, including canned tuna, any time after age 6 months, but talk to your pediatrician first. While albacore tuna has a higher mercury content, it also contains more omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it worth eating as long as you keep it within suggested limits.

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