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Like Espai Sucre in Barcelona, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to eat at Dessance, in Paris. Desssance in Paris follows the same pattern and concept: A set menu with multiple courses, the savory courses borrowing a bit from the pastry pantry, with the chef skillfully guiding diners all the way though the meal, culminating in full-on desserts. While you can order individual desserts, I recommend having a meal and go with one of the dГ©gustations and wine or drink pairings, for the uniqueness of the experience. I am so glad you “sacrifice” yourself to keep us all up-to-date on these wonderful eateries in Paris!
I always wonder why no one thinks to open a place like this here in Dubai – we have one of the world’s highest rates of diabetes!!! But today I just wanted to say that you, the residents of Paris and the citizens of France are in my thoughts. I know you will continue on as that is the only way to show terrorists they are not going to win. If you’re planning a trip to Paris and looking for restaurant recommendations, here’s our review for some great, off-the-beaten path restaurants with amazing food.
We also got this molten lava cake with ice cream, and it was good, but honestly I couldn’t stop thinking about the Ravioli Gratin. This place was hopping and we didn’t have a reservation, but we were seated pretty quickly at the bar on the back wall. Neither of us can remember ordering this chocolate tart, but we must have since there’s a picture of it on my phone. This was the only restaurant in Paris where our waiter did not speak an entire word of English. I ordered the ravioli gratin here as well, but it could not hold a candle to the ravioli gratin at Le Bosquet.
The macarons were delicious, but on our way home, there was a Laduree at Charles de Gaulle that had all of the exact same macarons and there was not a single person in line.
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I am planning a trip to Paris next year and this post definitely helped me get some ideas in mine!
However, my guess is that my friend has seen guests do this at his restaurant, and perhaps he was just as dumbfounded as I was.
Clearly I have a strong opinion about this, but I’m writing this entry because I figure I must be missing something if some people think this practice is okay. A friend of mine has very severe dietary restrictions, but she doesn’t take her own dessert to restaurants!
But instead, I found myself dining on food that skirted the line between sweet and savory, featuring lots of herbs, grains, (there may even been some meat), and vegetables.
Honest feedback helps the restaurant caliber their menus to the taste of their patrons, and helps the costumer trust the places they visit.
A friend who is a master gardener said that all plants should be called by their Latin names, universally.
The closest thing we have here to this concept is the dessert bar within STAY by Yannick Alleno, and so it’s part of a restaurant and not a stand-alone venue.
I just thought it was amusing that the counter fellow asked me if I liked whisky, but I didn’t order (or get) any.
There are some (few) ice cream places, but almost none of the pastry shops are open late for a slice of cake or dessert. I know it doesn’t look like much, but this isВ the Ravioli Gratin, and it was completely and totally life changing. I will say this was the fastest we got in and out of a restaurant during our entire 15 day trip.
The hostess spoke to us in English and gave us an English menu, but our waiter did not speak one single word of English to us and did not even attempt to, lol! It’s hard to believe that the obesity rate in France is the lowest in Europe with that food around! It sounds like patrons have gone to his restaurant for dinner, then pulled out their own dessert and started eating it at the table.

I’ve been to France, but was a poor student when I visited and spent the whole trip site seeing and didn’t really bother to eat! I think it may be because they might need restaurant permits if people are sitting down and eating, so I’m not sure. Now I can’t say I tried every Croque Madame in Paris, but I did try two, and out of the two, this one was my favorite. Looking at all these food and your descriptions of them is making me drool as I read this at midnight!! It was a completely satisfying meal and experience, and I was glad I overcame my reluctance to eat there. And I loved the ripe strawberries with parsley ice cream and fruit leather that led the way to the final course. The whole idea of eating at a restaurant is that you’re there to eat and pay for food prepared in the restaurant kitchen.
I think there are some opportunities here in Paris (like Dubai!) for some casual places for dessert that are open in the evening. However, the egg was just a tad underdone for my liking (the white was still runny in some places) so if you’re squeamish about that sort of thing, maybe just go with the traditional Croque Monsieur. Anyway, if you’re planning a trip to Paris and you’re a fan of cream, cheese, and butter, put this on your MUST TRY list!!!!! This is what Kevin ordered, and I honestly can’t remember what he got, but he really enjoyed it.

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