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Not that you should quit drinking coffee, but for any of you out there that are getting your lattes on the run, if you do the math, over a years time that latte that you really love is costing you the price of a nice little get away, $1460. And to all of you two latte a day people you're almost throwing back $3,000 a year and that's sans a morning muffin.

With the recent updated release of our "Eat + Grow Rich" ebook, and the beginnings of a web site, It may only be two posts to date, but I'm happy to say that we now have a "Eat + Grow Rich" blog that we will be postings all of the latest and greatest tips and techniques that we come up with along with all of the ideas that our "Eat + Grow Rich" community shares with us as well.
A PowerPoint presentation by HealthyUNCG on making better choices when it comes to eating out at fast food places.

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