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Oh…LOVE the sour cream noodle bake from Pioneer Woman Thanks for all the GREAT recipes!! Thank you for this round up of ground beef recipes – I’m stuck in a rut and needed something new to make!
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This tasty stuffed eggplant recipe is great for a night of grilling, but can easily be made in the oven when chilly winds rule out the grill. Take the chill out of blustery winter nights with this hearty, veggie-laden cottage pie recipe. With all the classics in one bowl, this ground beef chili with cornbread is sure to hit the spot on a bitterly cold winter day.

These tasty buffalo burgers with blue cheese sauce are perfect for weekend football parties. A delicious meat sauce made with ground beef transforms cheese tortellini into an incredible wintertime dinner.
Get all the flavor of stuffed peppers with less work with this satisfying stuffed-pepper soup. I always enjoy a good Mexican recipe and these beef quesadillas made a simple and delicious dinner.
One of our favorite ways to cook up a satisfying family dinner is to cook with ground beef. I think I’d prefer ground taco beef filling inside my quesadilla over strips of meat, too.

My husband doesn’t particularly like Asian food, but he’ll eat the mess out of some Korean beef! It’s an easy ingredient to keep on hand in the freezer, cooks up fast, and is the star of so many favorite hearty dishes. These quesadillas use a burrito-style filling which consists of taco seasoned ground beef, refried beans, and green chilies.
With a spatula fold the half of the tortilla without the meat mixture over the half with the meat mixture and press down.

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