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AВ few years ago, I realized that my family needed to eat a variety of foods and that the same meals in our rotation did not provide the nutrition we needed.
As a full-time working mom, I didn’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchenВ but I wanted to make school lunches and meals with real food ingredients. I was tiredВ of fighting with my picky eaters, limited by food allergies and intolerances, and disappointed with the all-or-nothing mentality most experts I hired suggested. Before MOMables, I often packed the same sandwich for lunch and cookedВ the same family meals every week. Filled with kitchen and prep-ahead tips, our plan will save time in the kitchen and money on wasted ingredients by putting leftovers to use in new ways.
Today, thousands of families are adding variety to their school lunches and family meals with easy to follow recipes, prep-ahead tips, and a shopping list.
Unlike other meal plans, MOMables encouragesВ the flexibility we needВ to make real food happen in the midst of our busy family life. Teaching our kids how to taste new foods can have a profound impact on their future eating habits and health. I’ve learned a lot of things -both big and small- in the last few years, and the meal plans, member exclusive content, and bonuses is my way of sharing it all with you. My hope is that you’ll take advantage of the practical tips and easy recipes as soon as you become a member. E-Mails once a weekSample meal plan, free recipes, and all the tips you need to make school lunches and meals easier.We respect your privacy.

The key to avoiding another sad desk lunch at the office is simple: It's all about the make-ahead recipes. From a kale and quinoa salad with dates, to pita pockets with chicken and Manchego, you'll be brown baggin' it in style at the office all week long. The key to preparing a great make-ahead lunch is knowing when and how to keep things apart in a recipe. A great example of this is Faith's "Salad Swag" where she breaks down the components of simple lunch salads.
Ariel is the Engagement Editor for The Kitchn, where she writes fun things and manages social media.
One thing to keep in mind before we kick off our new series of lunches: these are just ideas that are meant to inspire you to pack wholesome, healthful foods in your lunch boxes.
Encourage your little ones to choose their own lunch items from your Paleo-friendly pantry and fridge. This is a super-easy lunch with components that can be made the night before, and with common Paleo pantry ingredients to boot.
Be sure to core the apple, and toss the slices with a bit of lime or lemon juice to keep it from discoloring.
If you want to keep your sausage patties hot, pack them in a hot food container like a LunchBots Thermal.
They shouldn’t have to give them up all together!В Now, I make our family favorites usingВ real ingredients and I add a few recipes per week to add variety toВ the lunchbox and family meals.

A good question to ask yourself is whether the flavors will meld well if kept together for a couple days, and whether or not something will get soggy, or go bad when mixed with another element of the recipe.
Feel free to disregard the specifics, and pack whatever real foods you and your offspring will actually eat. Then re-read my post on Paleo Mayonnaise and try one of the gussied-up mayo-based dipping sauces at the end. And to keep your cold foods chilly, stick a reusable ice pack or two in the lunch bag next to your food container.
But stay tuned for the rest of our series on Paleo school lunches, and in the meantime, share with us your favorite packed lunch ideas in the comments! Sandwiches, soup, salads – there's no reason you should be ordering take-out or hitting the vending machine when there are simple, delicious recipes to be devoured.
The Grain Free plan is for familiesВ who eat naturally gluten free, primal, and avoid grains.

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