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These burgers are served with caramelized onions on top, and no bun so you don’t have to worry about any grain issues. You probably don’t think of beef and Brussels sprouts as being morning fare, but that’s what they are in this breakfast bowl. Nothing goes over better than this pizza pie casserole for a family that is begrudgingly going along with your Paleo plan.
This might not be much to look at, but it’s one of the more delicious Paleo ground beef recipes you’ll find. This sweet potato is stuffed with ground beef and kale, and as far as Paleo goes that’s about the best thing you can come up with. Traditional shepherd’s pie is off limits for Paleo followers because it uses white potatoes as the base, and those aren’t allowed on Paleo. Most Thai curries will be in the form of a bowl of soup with a mixture of meats and vegetables swimming in a spicy and creamy broth. These stuffed eggplants are the way to go if you want to have a meal that you don’t have to serve a side with.
Leave it to a cavegirl to come up with an awesome meatloaf recipe that is fit for Paleo consumption. So the deal is if you’re willing to give up a layer from the traditional 7 layer dip, you can totally enjoy this without feeling guilty for breaking from your Paleo diet plan. These stuffed mushrooms have been given the title Luigi, but not because they follow any set Italian recipe, but because they are named after a Nintendo video game. One lovely thing about Paleo is that you can wrap things up in bacon and it’s totally legit.
With so many versions of curry across the globe, it’s always good to hop around and try different ones to see which you like best.
These zucchini boats are a great meal to keep in your rotation because they don’t require you to cook anything else to go along with it. These probably won’t look like any hoagies you’ve ever eaten before, but they’re totally meant to grab the taste of a hoagie, but put it in a form that is Paleo approved. It uses plenty of ground beef, and has distinct flavors you find in Mexican cooking like black olives, chili powder, and paprika.
It’s made with plenty of ground beef, and almond flour is used instead of general purpose flour that you’ll find in the traditional recipes.
She leads you to her recipe for making a Cajun seasoning mix from scratch, and we recommend making a big batch of it so you can use it for other times when you need to add a little Cajun spice to a meat. By following their directions you’ll end up with a squash that is fully cooked and has an awesome texture, while still being firm enough to hold together all of the ground beef inside. It’s using grass-fed ground beef, carrots, lime juice, chiles, and garlic to bring you a nice assortment of flavors all in one bowl. You’ll be getting the nutritional benefits of Brussels sprouts, combined with the protein and minerals in beef to get you moving in the morning.
The plantains work really well with this, and plantains are a better bet than bananas and provide many of the same health benefits. Tacos aren’t necessarily off limits for a Paleo eater, you just have to make sure that you’re not eating them on taco shells that are made from flour or corn, which most are either one or the other. They’ve started with a heaping portion of high quality ground beef, and added a bunch of Greek inspired foods like kalamata olives, green olives, and even feta cheese. They’re totally fit for a meal all by themselves, as you’ll be getting plenty of vegetables and a good portion of meat with each serving. Sounds like a pretty good deal, since you’re still getting guacamole, salsa, beef and bacon, vegetables and more in a delicious dip.

These bacon wrapped meatballs start with ground beef rolled into balls, and then they get the royal treatment of being wrapped in bacon.
There’s even a coconut sauce that is on this to make it taste even better, and Jodi has done a good job of making sure that all of the ingredients are Paleo friendly.
I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet. Mashed cauliflower takes the place of potatoes as the top layer, and the bottom layer is given extra flavor with cinnamon and ground cloves. Steam the cauliflower until tender, and then blend with some ghee and mustard to make it creamy. She has this resting on a bed of creamed spinach, and you’ll want to serve it with a vegetable no matter which way you go. The nice part about this recipe is that it fulfills both your meat and vegetable requirement for a balanced Paleo meal, so you don’t have to cook any supplemental dishes with it. You may have noticed that it’s served over a bed of rice, but this is actually cauliflower rice, keeping it within the realm of a Paleo meal. It’s fine because even though there are a lot of ingredients they’re all Paleo friendly so you can eat this without worrying that you’re doing anything wrong. The top of the casserole gets cheese if you want, but it’s optional so Paleo purists can make this dairy free by just opting out of the cheese.
There is also pureed squash in this as well, so you’re getting a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetables along with your ground beef.
The ground beef provides plenty of protein and minerals, and the kale is full of more fiber, more protein, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. You’ll want to use feta cheese that comes from goat’s milk to make this more Paleo friendly, although Paleo sticklers will forego the cheese altogether.
It uses a full pound of ground beef mixed with a full pound of ground pork, so already you’re adding a new depth to the flavor of meatloaf. They recommend eating this with smoky baked plantain chips so you don’t have to use tortilla chips or corn chips as your utensils. They’re using coconut aminos, which is a bit like soy sauce but is wheat free, so you’ll find it used a lot in recipes that would normally call for soy sauce. They are rather large size, and meant to be a meal all to themselves, but you could make them with smaller mushroom caps if you wanted to use them as an appetizer.
Face it, if you were ground beef wouldn’t the best honor you could receive be to be wrapped up in bacon. It’s made with ground beef, and some select spices that give it a classic taste while keeping it within the Paleo realm of ingredients. It’s the sort of meal that will stick with you for a few hours, just long enough to make it to dinner if you eat it as a lunch, or to bedtime if you eat it as a dinner.
The recipe for the meatballs is provided, so you’ll be able to cook these up properly without worrying if you are cheating on your diet.
It’s good to have a backup sandwich recipe like this one in case you ever crave a sandwich which will likely happen at some point if you used to eat them a lot before going Paleo.
With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need. I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier. I am calling my version shepherd’s pie simply because more people are familiar with the name.
Rebecca became interested in the Paleo diet in 2012, focusing on natural, unprocessed foods, and has been hooked ever since.

This can make a great lunch or dinner on the Paleo diet, and the recipe shown makes two servings so it’s good for a couple. Use coconut milk instead of whipping cream, don’t worry they say it’s OK in the recipe, and you’ll be getting a dairy free Salisbury Steak that can roll with the best of them. Many onlookers think Paleo is just a meat diet, but that’s far from the truth since vegetables play such a big role in it. When you use cauliflower rice you are getting your vegetables along with your meat so it’s a more balanced meal and will keep you satisfied longer. It’s all mashed up for easy eating, and will provide a complete and filling meal that will last you until bedtime.
This could be the healthiest meal on our list of recipes, and it’s also one of the tastiest, so you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for health. These are the types of trade offs you’ll need to make while on Paleo, and most people feel like it’s worth it because of the way their body responds. There is some discussion on what types of cheese can be eaten on Paleo, but the consensus seems to be that cow’s milk cheeses are all bad because of the conventional practices of making dairy from cow’s milk. Whatever the case, Paleo is great because you can borrow from all types of cuisine, as long as it keeps you in line. It’s not about giving up foods on Paleo, but instead figuring out ways to have what you want with foods you can enjoy. You set your oven at its lowest setting to dry out the beef and make it into jerky you can have on the go, or any time you need a snack and want to stay on the Paleo side of things. They’re made on portobello mushroom caps, some of the biggest ones out there, but could easily be made with ordinary white mushroom caps for more bite-sized treats. It’s just a way to make them taste awesome, and since they’re topped with pesto they’re going to come out tasting amazing, with plenty of flavors all working together to make a whole lot of taste in your mouth.
They have the potato listed as optional, and that’s a good thing because you’ll want to leave it out to keep it purely Paleo. Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career.
As long as you have ground beef handy you’re halfway there to being ready to take on any of these recipes.
Even though it’s served with some mushrooms you’ll want to eat a full portion of vegetables along with your steak.
You then combine the two and delight in some delicious meatballs from ground beef, and an awesome curry that combines well with the meat. You wouldn’t want to use commercial ketchup as that’s loaded with sugar, and on Paleo you’re trying to cut out unnatural sources of sweetness. Conventional beef jerky is not Paleo thanks to all of the things they add to it during the process.
If you don’t like things really hot, just go with one habanero and add more the next time you make it if you didn’t think it was hot enough.
Add in the ground beef and cook until browned.Stir the tomato paste, chicken broth, and remaining spices into the meat mixture.

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