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Snacking throughout the day is essential for keeping your metabolism working hard and your hunger in check (so you don’t overeat later on!). Finding healthy snack options, though, is often difficult – meaning your mid-day pick me up can often do more harm than good. LIFE has 9 healthy snack ideas that will keep you satisfied (and far away from the vending machine) all day long – so you can maintain your metabolism, fend off hunger and decrease your chances of overeating later on in the day when you are more likely to give in to temptation.

Since healthy snacks aren't always cheap, here are some recipes you can whip up in the kitchen. When the 4pm slump hits, though, or you feel that hunger pang well before your lunch hour, it’s all too easy to head to the vending machine for a sugary treat or to your local coffee shop for a quick caffeine fix.

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