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And maybe I’d call this one a second cousin, which I might serve a toddler (or a pincer-grasping baby) who prefers his food equal but separate. This recipe has you tossing the aspargus in with the boiling pasta water which saves you a pot to clean. I follow your site religiously, have a folder on my bookmarks just for your recipes and order the book already! I have two children that love this meal, one who goes crazy for the asparagus and one who is thrilled with tomatoes.

If I win the Barilla prize, I will celebrate by deconstructing my favorite pasta, shells with peas and olives, for my pincer grasping baby! I also know that eliminating pasta from our dinner repertoire is not an option given how much Andy and I love it, and given how much the girls’ Great Grandmothers are named Turano and Catrino. Because when I went to decide what to feed my family for dinner tonight, I bypassed all the cooking magazines, cookbooks and other sources I consult and WENT STRAIGHT TO DALS. Thanks for your hard work (and yes, I ordered the book- hope it comes soon!), your blog is fantastic.

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