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Now we needed to figure out how we could cook breakfast in the Hobo Pie Maker, we found several ways but none that worked for what we had in mind. Follow along all this week as we share yummy Camping Recipes, How to build a tent, and of course desserts over on Hoosier Homemade. We are excited to welcome you to Pocket Change Gourmet, a collaborative effort aimed at helping families rediscover the joy of cooking a delicious frugal meal together.
This entry was posted in Camp Breakfasts Camp Meals Campfire Cooking Camping Recipes for Kids Camping with Kids and tagged camping breakfast for kids kids camping breakfast pie iron pudgie on July 22, 2014 by G.A. These breakfast ideas range from the simple cereal and juice to hearty 1-skillet combos, and they are all made with kids, and your camping agenda in mind.
For a warm breakfast in cooler temps this Cheesy Grits breakfast will be a hit with kids and adults. Tip: Add toasted bread, muffins, or bagels to your camp breakfast with one of these inexpensive, ($5), folding camp toasters. Pie Iron Breakfast SandwichesAnother great kid’s camping breakfast that is easier than it looks. Breakfast Burrito Camping BreakfastStarts like a skillet scramble, but spooned onto a tortilla and wrapped like a burrito.

French Toast Camping BreakfastSure you think Pancakes are easy, but not as easy and delicious as this French Toast Breakfast. Hot or Cold Cereal BreakfastDon’t overlook milk and cereal or instant oatmeal just because you have a camping breakfast in mind. Tacos in a Bag Camp Lunch ideaA quick and easy camp meal with almost no clean-up, but lots of novelty. How to Make Pie Iron Pizza and other Kid’s foodsSo quick and easy, these pie iron ideas for camp meals and treats are a real novelty. Pie Irons for Campfire Cooking If you go camping with kids, you should have at least one Pie Iron, (preferably one for each kid), in your camping cookware. A Boy Scout Handbook can be one of the most helpful pieces of general camping gear you can have when you are camping with kids! This handbook contains easy to understand answers and how-to’s for almost any camping question or situation. Here are some other samples of camping gear, accessories, and tools that will make your outdoor camping trip as fun and enjoyable as you want it to be. After making the Easy Fried Pies a couple weeks ago, it reminded me of the times that my Mom would make little pies filled with cherries or blueberries, when we were camping.

So after a few tries at making pies… we figured out the best way to make Breakfast Hobo Pies.
Just skillet fry some frozen Tator Tots and apple chunks and your young campers will be asking for more.
Kids love cereal, and when you have a rushed morning, or just want something quick and easy, cereal and juice give the kids a healthy start to the day. Plus, it contains plant and foliage identifications, campsite activity suggestions, woodcraft project suggestions, (with instructions), knot tying tips and instructions, ( a great fill-in for bad weather situations), survival tips, and detailed primary first aid instructions. But we needed to find a Hobo Pie Maker, so we headed to the camping aisle at Walmart and sure enough, we found it. And they are so safe and easy to use that you can let your young campers make their own fun camping recipes for kids.
For the Tator Tots and apples – just cut a peeled apple(s) into bite-size chunks and scramble both around in a skillet until hot.

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