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Although the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet plan only lasts a few days, it is probably the hardest to follow when it comes to putting together meal ideas which do not contain any carbs or vegetables and focus on the core protein-rich Dukan Diet foods on their own. This is a very typical Italian recipe adapted to the Dukan Diet Attack Phase and PP days and, although in the picture above I have used veal escalopes, the recipe can be used to give more flavour to cheaper beef frying steaks which would normally taste very bland on their own. If you already familiar with the plan, then you will know that the Cruise Phase of the Dukan Diet is the stage which will lead you straight to your target weight and, because this might take a little while depending on how much weight you wish to lose, it is of particular importance to ensure you truly enjoy every single meal and avoid eating the same things over and over again.

Below I have put together a collection of tasty and packed full of flavour Cruise Phase recipes which are low fat and extremely easy to prepare.
With this section solely dedicated to Attack Phase recipes, I would like to share my favourite meal ideas with fellow dukaners in the hope that this will inspire you to get a little more creative in the kitchen, try new flavours and ultimately make following this diet a lot easier and more enjoyable. I will be regularly updating the site with my latest Attack Phase recipes so please don’t forget to check back for new meal ideas or simply keep updating by following Dukan Diet Meals on Facebook and Twitter.

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