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These French toasts taste better served warm and with a bit of maple syrup, or some berries; but these last ingredients are forbidden during the first phases of the Dukan diet! I started on the Dukan Diet in August and lost 45 pounds (I’m American) before Christmas. In the Dukan diet you’re not allowed to have maple syrup or agave in the first and second phases of the diet.

If when you started the Dukan Diet you thought you would have to give up sandwiches altogether then think again: there is an easy peasy way of making delicious Dukan-friendly sarnies by simply replacing the bread with the oat bran galette and filling with no-fat cream cheese such as Quark and your favourite cold meats. Remove skin for those on Dukan Diet and serve with plain fat free yoghurt with a squeeze of lime juice. Fill your sandwich with your preferred cooked meat and, voilГ , you have a yummy Dukan-friendly sarnie to enjoy!

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