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The nutritional staircase contains educational, visual weight-loss guidelines and was designed by Pierre Dukan in 2012 to help you maintain your weight. At this point, you have reached the top of the stairs with a new way of eating a nutritionally balanced diet. The Dukan diet’s online slimming coaching program presents a personalized version of the diet plan outlined in the book.
I’ve done online dieting before and have friends who have done others and on say Weight Watchers and Slimmers World you put in what you eat each day and it registers if you have overdone it or where you are going wrong. As with Atkins diet plan, the Dukan diet plan also has four phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilization. Each afternoon, online subscribers of the Dukan diet online slimming coaching program get an e-mail with food, motivation and physical activity instructions for the following day according to their phase in the diet.

I’d been craving sashimi and oysters, so I planned a long midday walk and a lunchtime trip to my favorite local fish market.
Obviously, soybeans and cake are not on the Dukan diet plan, and I rightfully received some finger-wagging in my check-up e-mail from the Dukan diet team. The first 2 steps make up the Dukan Diet list of 100 foods you can eat in unlimited quantities. If you don’t plan on signing up for the online service, take a screenshot of this page and keep it handy. Thats simple, you put in the food and it tells you in black and white whether you can eat it or not on each phase of the diet, simples! It illustrates an express version of Dukan Diet rules - a 7 day diet - for those who need to lose less than 10 lbs.

On this second day, I experienced a mild headache all day, which may have been from the diet or the cold I battled over the weekend. Although I gave in to the chocolate cake, that slip-up strengthened my resolve to stay on the Dukan diet instead of weakening it. Besides dieting, you should add mild physical activities to your daily life, such as slow walk and climbing up stairs.

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