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We offer high quality Dried Lime Peel that is prepared from the fresh and pesticides free limes picked from the orchards. Using a fine grater or zester (such as this microplane zester) grate the citrus peels to create a fine zest.
Infusing citrus peels with grain alcohol and adding syrup is a fantastic way to make your own tasty liqueurs.
Throw some citrus peels into your garbage disposal reguarly to deodorize and keep it smelling fresh. Sprinkle some sea salt over the metal and scrub using lemon peel to clean and bring back shine.

Put some lemon peel into a coffee stained mug, add some warm water and allow to sit for a few hours.
Simmering citrus peels, plus other herbs and spices in water on the stove is a great way to add a beautiful aroma to your home. Dry your citrus peels and then mix with other dried herbs, spices and flowers for a fragrant homemade potpourri. It’s so simple to do using only citrus peels, sugar and water and the resulting candied peels can be eaten guilt free! Check out this tutorial for making your own lemon extract and just swap out the lemon peel with orange, grapefruit or lime for different flavors.

Check out this tutorial revealing how to make your own Tangerine Spice, Orange Saffron and Mint Lime liqueurs. Infusing citrus peels in the vinegar gives a fresh aroma that masks the nasty smell and adds extra cleaning properties!
See a full tutorial for making candied lemon peels here – but there are also instructions for other citrus peels at the bottom of the page.

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