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Following on in my series of articles about Human chorionic gonadotropinВ drops I have been searching for a reputable company that supplies an alternative to homeopathic HCG drops for those who prefer that option. HCG1234В® is made by company called Creative Bioscience and you can visit their official website here which gives you a choice of viewing it in either English or Spanish. Unlike the more extreme Human chorionic gonadotropinВ protocol’s HCG 1234 offers you a choice of 500 cal diet, and 800 cal diet, or a 1200 cal diet. The allowed foods list is similar to other chorionic gonadotropinВ protocol’s that I have researched however it does seem to be a bit more lenient.
As mentioned above they offer unlimited support plus recipes, diet charts, sample menus and instructional videos. If you have had any personal experience with the HCG 1234 diet plan I would love it if you would share it in the comments below for the benefit of other readers. I found a lot of people were searching for a product called HCG 1234 diet drops so I did some searching and this is what I found.

They are even prepared to offer support to people using drops from competitor’s companies.
I contacted the company for more information about this and got a prompt reply from Kathy who is the Support Assistant Manager. It always has been in the sense that along with the original HCG diet protocol, it is produced in a laboratory to produce the same effects as the hormone injections available by prescription, that contain real hormone harvested from human beings. Their recipes look interesting and better than a lot of the HCG recipes that I’ve seen around. This does look like an interesting program though and they certainly appear to be a legitimate American-based company which is most important.
There were, however, more positive comments than negative and it is common knowledge that, on strict diet protocols like these, headaches, initially, are often caused by detoxification process especially with people who normally consume a lot of processed foods and sugar.
I had a mild heaeache the first day and the next morning but it went away and I feel better than on the previous diet.

When you said a few lemonades I was a little concerned that you might have meant something like diet sodas or the sweetened lemonade that you get at the store.
Initially I thought this sounded a bit strange but is actually quite a clever marketing tactic because I would imagine if you needed more drops or other products you would be more likely to switch to them if they were the company giving you good support. Simeons and it is very similar to the one I did with Cindy O’Meara or the plan recommended by Easy HCG. The 800 cal diet is recommended for people who want to perform moderate exercise whilst on the diet and it also gives more flexibility for vegetarians who are somewhat limited on some of the other plans.

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