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In the first post in this series Where to Find Ideas for Making your Own Recipe Book, I mentioned I’m creating a cookbook of favorite family holiday treats. In this post, I wanted to dig a little deeper into some examples of page layouts that look like they could have come from the bookstore, but are really created in about twenty minutes in Blurb.
I discovered that with a minimal amount of tweaking, I could improve on the basic recipe template and closely replicate the professionally published cookbook styles I love.
I’m not a fan of the default picture layout so the next thing I wanted to do was come up with a photo style I liked and that was repeatable for the rest of the book.
Now that I’ve created the perfect two-page spread, I can duplicate the layout for the rest of the pages in the book.

In the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts on DIY cookbook design, and if you’ve created your own cookbook, I’d be thrilled to see your results!
For inspiration, I looked at what’s selling in the bookstore when it comes to cookbooks, and noticed a few cool trends in cookbook design. Blurb Booksmart is my book making tool of choice, but you can apply these ideas to books made using almost any photo book company.
If you’re working in Blurb and want to follow along with a basic Booksmart recipe template (like I did for this post), start Booksmart and choose Cookbook as your Starter Layout, and Atrium as your theme. Most bookstore cookbooks use white background pages (and with good reason—they’re much easier to read).

If you want to have text or recipes on the right, I’d recommend including the photos on that side as well. To give your recipe book an instant lift, at the very least change the heading font to something that suits your style.
You want a spread that becomes your base, go-to recipe template, even though you’ll probably continue making changes as you go along.

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