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Grilled Teriyaki wings with macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli is a dinner everyone will love! This Melt-in-your-mouth Salisbury Steak (you can find the recipe in my ecookbook), mashed potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts is a wonderful supper idea on a crisp fall day! If you are looking for new dinner ideas for chicken that everyone will love, this Loaded Chicken (the recipe is in my ecookbook) may be just what you are looking for. I took my meatloaf recipe, formed it into a loaf and placed it on a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil.

Tonight was Barbeque Shrimp over white rice, and baby Lima beans that I seasoned with a little bacon drippings. Pile French bread up with fresh basil and tomatoes (extra points if you can pick it fresh from your own garden), add your favorite meat (ham and grilled chicken work great), then place it on the grill with a foil-wrapped brick on top. Shake up your backyard barbecues this summer with our who-knew grilling ideas -- from watermelon to doughnuts to meatballs! Get creative with your grilling at your next outdoor cookout with our sweet and savory recipes for summer.

Make sure your grill is h-o-t (about 600°F) before you place the dough directly on the grate.

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