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Earlier this week, long time eating researcher Traci Mann and I discussed the unbecoming truth about diets. Ferdman The Washington Post Diets and Dieting Diets might not work, but these two strategies do Earlier this week, long-time eating researcher Traci Mann and I discussed the unbecoming truth about diets. Over the course of her more than 20 years studying how people eat, Mann has found that willpower doesn't work quite like we imagine it will, and our bodies are predisposed to maintain a weight that often doesn't fit the ideal mold we aspire to achieve. Instead of making it harder to eat unhealthy stuff, they make it easier to eat healthy stuff.
If you just move that bowl of candy two feet across the table, so it's still on the table but you have to extend your arm to reach it, you'll eat as few as when it's across the room.So even the smallest of obstacles slow you down.

Expect to gain 3 to 5 pounds, study suggestsMany men gain a new sense of responsibility and purpose when they become fathers.
Instead of making it harder to eat unhealthy stuff, they make it easier to eat healthy stuff.An example of that would be the 'get alone with a vegetable' strategy. Normally, vegetables will lose the competition that they're normally in - the competition with all the other delicious food on your plate. Vegetables might not lose that battle for everyone, but they do for most of us.This strategy puts vegetables in a competition they can win, by pitting vegetables against no food at all.
And that way, you get them when you're hungriest and unable to pick something else instead.We've actually tested this in a lot of ways.

We tested it with kids in school cafeterias, where it more than quadrupled the amount of vegetables eaten. Not only did it increase the amount of vegetables they ate, but it decreased the amount of calories they ate without trying to.The strategies are kind of like this.

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