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Lean Shake is designed for anyone who wants help with weight control, aiming to sculpt a lean physique, looking for extra protein in their diet, wants a healthy smart snacking choice and anyone who prefers a shake for breakfast or lunch.
Add one serving of 30 grams (2 heaped tablespoons) to your Eat Me Supplements shaker bottle and screw on the lid. You will not be disappointed, most weight loss shake tastes terrible but this is like no other I have tried over the years.

I have tried lots of different meal replacement shakes and the lean shake is by far the best I have ever tried!
One shake fills me up (I struggle to finish it as the suggested serving size) and then i only need a small snack in the afternoon.
I've actually lost weight just by swapping my usual shake to this one so now I'm really motivated to actually try some supplements as well and really get into shape over winter, so I highly recommend this even if you aren't trying to lose weight because it tasted so amazing, is filling, convenient and really affordable too, I will never try another shake again, am going to be a customer for life!

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