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Diet pills are promoted as a harmless quick fix for achieving a slim body, but the tragic death of 21-year old Eloise showcased their dangerous side. With the pills promoted and advertised so heavily, Eloise’s mother, Fiona hoped that people would learn and stop taking them at all, especially that they DNP which is not suitable for human consumption. Her mother said Miss Parry (pictured left and right with her mother, aged three months) 'loved' how exciting life could be and how new experiences 'offered up thrilling possibilities'Her daughter, known as Ella, died earlier this month after consuming eight times the recommended number of diet pills.They contained a highly-toxic substance known as Dinitrophenol, or DNP, which has no antidote.

A devastated mother has told how her daughter died when her metabolism "exploded" after taking diet pills she bought on the internet.
It may have been the cause, I just don't know.'She added that her daughter, who she believes had been taking the pills for a couple of months, had felt 'that pressure we all face' to look a 'certain way'. Chief Inspector Jennifer Mattinson said: "We are undoubtedly concerned over the origin and sale of these pills and are working with partner agencies to establish where they were bought from and how they were advertised.

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