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My wife Kalen and I never liked the idea of spending hours in the gym (we knew we were too busy for that), so you can see why we were so ecstatic to learn there is a way to get fasterВ fat loss from spending only 15 minutes just 2-3 times a week. Most longer workouts only burn calories during the workout… with our special type of ‘metabolic movement’, your body burns calories for 2-3 days afterВ the workout is over! The fact is that these are the best tiny belly foodsВ because they have the highest nutrient profile, and when you give your body the required nutrients without overloading it with foods that have little nutrients, fat loss become so much easier because the hunger and cravings that plague dieters almost disappears.
We found just 1 simple set of bodyweight squats done a couple times a week will do far more for losing belly fat than 1000 crunches a week because the amount of calories and fat that will be burned from the squats will far outweigh those crunches. Spot Reduction MythYou might think that bodybuilders perform a large number of exercises for their abdominals to burn stomach fat, but this isn't the case. Diet and CardioThe two main ways bodybuilders achieve their flat stomachs is through dieting and cardio.

Weight TrainingLifting weights helps burn fat by raising your metabolism and calorie burn, plus it also builds and maintains muscle mass, which is critical for bodybuilders. ConsiderationsAchieving the muscle size of a bodybuilder, along with a flat stomach and ripped abs will take you some time, perhaps even years. We found it much easier to eat right for a tiny belly and faster fat loss and health by focusing on foods that are super loaded with micronutrients, instead of obsessing over protein, carbs and fats ratios (macronutrients). Usually, heavier people tend to have big stomachs and those with flat stomachs carry little muscle mass, but bodybuilders manage both. While there is no best weight-training routine to develop a bodybuilder physique or a flat stomach, total-body routines tend to be best for fat loss, while split routines, where you work separate body parts on different days, are superior for muscle building, according to coach Marc Perry of Built Lean.
Your stomach muscles are like any other muscle -- if you train them hard, they'll grow and get bigger, but if you don't work them at all, they'll break down and get smaller.

If you're carrying extra muscle mass, you may be able to lose stomach fat eating around these numbers, or possible slightly more, but most people will need a little less. The key is consistency -- pick a goal and stick to it by giving yourself six to 12 months to build muscle while remaining relatively lean, then another six months to strip fat and get a flat stomach while maintaining muscle size and strength.

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