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She was consuming more than 28 pints of Diet Coke every day, the equivalent of double her own body weight a week. And while she has tried to tackle her addiction she still gets through the equivalent of 30 cans a day.
And some experts have linked Diet Coke’s sweetening ingredient, aspartame, with premature birth and even cancer, although the EU food watchdog last year rejected the claims. We've all seen the headlines claiming that "Diet Soda Raises Diabetes Risk!" Even the American Diabetes Association is touting how diet sodas can lead to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.
In the last few weeks I've almost entirely cut out diet soda - funny you mentioned the Crystal Light Pure stuff; I'm hooked on it! Weird as it sounds, research seems to confirm that there is a significant correlation between drinking diet sodas and weight gain. While my family snarf down large fries and milk shakes and ice cream sundaes dripping with caramel and chocolate sauce [which they insist they could never live without], they remonstrate me for sipping the Diet Coke which "caused my diabetes." Just because I'm carrying an umbrella doesn't mean I made it rain. Healthline is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Of course, the jury’s out on whether Diet Coke, andВ specifically the cocktail of chemicals that gives diet drinksВ thatВ sweet and sugary taste, sans calories, is really soВ bad for your health. In the spirit of total honesty, you should know that IВ tried to give up diet coke a few times, and failed.В I really think the reason things worked out on the last try is because I decided to stop trying to completely cut the drink out of my diet.
It took a couple of months, but gradually I found myself feeling less and less desperate to chug down a family sized bottle every single day, and soon my relationship with diet cola wasn’t a dependency, it was a decision aboutВ whether or no I felt like one.

For the few months that I spent easing back on my diet coke habit I started drinking peppermint tea like a crazy person. It might sound like a bold claim, but life post diet coke is just better–you should definitely try it some time. However aВ study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine linkedВ drinking diet soda every day with a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes.
More research presented at aВ American Diabetes Association meeting showed that drinking diet soda is linked with having a wider waistline.
And a lot of us consume a lot of diet soda, let's face it.These drinks are a mainstay for many of us PWDs thanks to their zero affect on our blood sugars. The released study was showing that eight out of 240 rats fed a mixture of saccharin and cyclamates, at levels of humans ingesting 350 cans of diet soda per day, developed bladder tumors. But there may still be cause for concern over some other important health issues.Right off the bat we should note that research into diet soda consumption and the stuff in them is still in its infancy. That there may be things about diet pop that are not especially good for you -perhaps.Diet soda and weight gain, I think that is a huge stretch.
I drink diet soda, and have lost 48 pounds over the last 5 years.I followed the diet I was given at Dx, which was about 180 grams of carbohydrate a day. I'll drink orange juice either to treat a low or (if it's fresh-squeezed) as a treat.FWIW, when I was a teenager, standard pig-out was monster bags of chips with two-liter bottles of Tab (our generation's Diet Coke).
Research now indicates that those who consume diet soda daily are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

According to data presented at the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference in 2011, researchers studied 2,564 participants and found those who drank diet soda every day were at a 48% higher risk of having a stroke or other vascular incident than those who didn't drink it at all. Further studies, she says, are needed to show what exactly about diet soda is causing cardiovascular disease in these patients. But research would indicate that diet sodas are not necessarily the best daily beverage choice for us PWDs, despite their null effect on blood sugars.Diet soda might not contain a PWD's nemesis, Sugar, but it does contain sodium, phosphate, and usually caffeine (unless you make sure to get caffeine-free).
On the other hand, some experts think that many folks who drink a lot of diet soda are already overweight and are drinking diet soda to lose weight, and therefore are already at risk for hypertension, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.A bizarre thing worth noting is that in this study, which looked at folks who drank diet soda only versus those who drank regular soda only (as well as folks who drank both), researchers found that those who drank primarily diet soda were likely former smokers and had higher fasting blood sugar, blood pressure, and larger waistlines. And, if it's a choice between regular soda and diet soda for people with diabetes, the diet soda still wins, at least until we have some conclusive proof that it is dangerous."Quitting the Good StuffIt's no secret that the DOC is addicted to diet soda. Some folks actually claim that drinking diet soda can be come a full-fledged addiction!It's true that the addiction isn't quite as severe or health-damaging as nicotine, but research shows that the caffeine and the routine of drinking soda can really hook someone.there are various tips and methods for breaking any addiction.
If you're relying on diet soda for your caffeine fix, you may need to pop an ibuprofen to quell the headache.

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