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Stay hydrated: Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of clean, not-too-cold water every day is one of the best things you can do to detox and purify your body in a natural way. Supplement with Detoxifying Herbs: Eating a balanced diet rich with fruits and vegetables is important, but taking it a step further may be your next step.
Try adding Ayurvedic herbs to assist with the detoxification process, like Purify, the seven-day total Ayurvedic cleanse system, a supplement we offer that’s made of Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals to eliminate toxic build-up and leave you feeling energized and strong.
The body is in a constant state of detox mainly through the functions of the liver, kidneys and the GI tract. When the “ordinary people” hear about the hype, they all want to do the same, in spite of the fact that most dieticians do not recommend these cleanses or so-called detox diets, which only offer a quick fix.

A detox, or cleanse, is always low in dietary protein and calories, resulting in a possible lack of energy to exercise so that you can build muscle to replace fat and effectively lose weight. Some people may experience a psychological boost from a detox which could motivate them to adopt healthier eating habits in the future. This is a time to go on a good juice fasting detoxification program to give your skin, as well as your internal organs, a chance to clear and heal. Caution : If you are ill or suffering from a disease like diabetes, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding, do not go on an detox juice fasting program.
The juice fasting detoxification process can be done once a month for one to three days, or two to four times a year of you do it longer.

Department of Agriculture has reported that opinion is divided as to whether the so-called juice cleanse actually works, and whether it really is necessary.В  Research has shown that the gastro-intestinal tract (GI) is set up to naturally detox, especially when a healthy diet is followed which includes plenty of fibre.

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