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After a lot of research, trying and testing I have zeroed down four flavored drinks which taste good and detoxify your body at the same time.
This is another mildly flavored drink that will help you in losing weight and detoxifying your system.
Apple is a detox food and adding apples in your water obviously detoxifies your body, aids your weight loss, helps in digestion, and boosts your overall health. Cinnamon is a spice that has a little heat in it and it basically improves your metabolism thereby helping you burn more calories. Every day we get exposed to toxins through food, drinks and air and when the toxins get deposited in our body over a period of time, it badly affects our body.
Water works as a natural detox, but when you combine it with lemon, it works wonders to lose weight.
To kick start your weight loss program, the first thing you should do to take a glass of lemon juice.
This lemon infused water includes various ingredients, such as lemon, watermelon, ginger, mint and filtered water.
In a pitcher or in a mason jar, take the cucumber and lemon slices, grated ginger and mint leaves.
Add water to the jar or pitcher, so that all the ingredients will be dipped in the water thoroughly. Follow this detox lemon water recipe for 4 weeks and stop drinking this water after the 4th week. Strawberry contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory enzymes, which can speed up the metabolic rate of the body. Cinnamon controls the insulin activity and decreases the blood sugar level in the body, which automatically help you to shed that extra fat from your body. Apple contains non-digestible compounds, such as fiber and polyphenols that facilitate the growth of the good bacteria in your gut, which increases your weight. Now add all the ingredients that are mentioned above with the required quantity to the water. Lemon with Vitamin C speeds up the metabolic process, while mint in known for its digestive properties. Take this drink in the morning after getting up from the bed as well as some other times to cleanse your body as well to kick start the weight loss process. Drink this detox water several times a day to cleanse your body as well get that desired figure to flaunt. Aloe vera increases the metabolic rate of the body, which consumes more energy, thus helps to lose weight.

This is an amazing morning drink, which will not only detoxify your body but will also aid the weight loss process. Loaded with many substances, such as citric acid, calcium, bioflavonoids, pectin, magnesium, Vitamin CВ  and limonene, taking lemon infused water daily will improve the immunity power of the body to fight infection.
The digestive property of the lemon treats various digestion related problem, such as heartburn, belching and bloating. Its regular consumption will not only make you shapely, but also make your skin glow, make your life healthy and free of diseases.
Now, you can dream of that hour glass figure with a flat tummy by taking these detox lemon waters. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If yes, then the first thing that I suggest is to drink lots of water and cut on the beverages. Detox water act as catalyst in your weight loss program and can intensify the results by at least 20% because they help in improving the metabolism. All you have to do is cut thin round slices of orange, lemon, cucumber and take some mint leaves.
It reduces cholesterol, burns belly fat, protects your skin, has anti-ageing properties, balances sugar level, detoxifies your body, improves metabolism and many more so why not add this miraculous drink to your routine.
Just take a glass of warm water and squeeze half a lemon to it, have it as the first thing in the morning and see the difference!
I am already a fan of green tea but loved the idea of orange cucumber lemon and mint leaves flavoured water.
But the most important thing here is to get a healthy body, which will ultimately help you to get and maintain a healthy body shape. There are many detox lemon waters that you can prepare at home to lose weight and get that perfect 10 figure with a flat tummy.
It will help in good digestion and spur up your energy level to do your whole day’s work, which will burn more calories and ultimately help you to lose weight. It curbs the appetite, spurs up metabolism and burns more calories, which altogether help you to lose weight. And the increased metabolic rate burns the fat instead of storing it, thus helps in weight loss. It has thermogenic effects, which speed up the metabolic rate, thus help the person to burn fat and lose weight effectively. Though losing 50-100 hairs per day is considered as normal, losing hair cause concern and mental stress in people.

Now if you are someone like me who is not fond of drinking regular plain water and you find it really difficult to drink liters of water, why not flavor it! If you don’t relish the taste of green tea , don’t worry, go ahead and experiment with flavors to find the right one. Make lifestyle changes, exercise, have small meals 6 times a day and drink lots and lots of water. And in this process to make yourself healthy as well as getting a perfect figure, one thing will definitely help you and that is detoxifying your body, commonly known as detox.
Maple syrup, which aids in good digestion, is also one of the most effective ingredients for weight loss.
Apart from controlling the blood sugar level, cinnamon also speeds up the metabolic rate of the body and an increased metabolic rate means you will lose more weight. Good digestion always controls weight gain as the unhealthy things go out of the body as waste.
It also acts as a diuretic, thus flushes out more toxins and promotes the digestive system of the body. Lemon on the other hand with high Vitamin C content, flushes out the toxins from the body, increases the metabolic rate and decreases the swelling in the abdominal area.
Apart from flushing out of the toxin from the body and helping you to lose weight, the infused lemon waters also provide a lot of many other benefits to the body, skin and the overall health of the person.
The consumption of Vitamin C breaks down the fat that is stored in the body, the main cause of weight gain.
It is a low calorie and low-fat food, so when you eat it, you feel full without adding any calorie. According to researches, cinnamon also helps to lower the LDL (bad cholesterol) content in the body, which in turn helps to lose weight considerably.
The consumption of cucumber in any form increases the metabolic rate of the body to lose weight and help you get that slim body.
Apart from that it is also one of the best naturalВ diuretics that help to check and flush out the unnecessary water that is retained in the body.В  Thus watermelon helps in weight reduction that is caused due to unnecessary water retention in the body.

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