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Nutrition People are so confused about what to eat! The Paleo diet is NOT a diet in the way most people think of the word “diet” – restricting your calories and starving yourself. Eating a Paleo diet means you will eat unprocessed, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Two important keys to success with your Paleo plan, (1) knowing what you’re going to eat before you’re hungry, because (2) when you’re hungry is not the time to decide what to eat. It wasn’t easy for me the first time I went to the supermarket to buy foods that qualify as Paleo. It counts to have someone in your corner when you want to eat cool ranch Doritos and your lover says, “That’s not a Paleo food, you shouldn’t eat that. The Paleo diet mimics the way our ancestors ate before the invention of agriculture about 10,000 years ago. CrossFit is a part of the paleo lifestyle, but your results of all your hard training will be less than optimal unless your diet is right.

A Paleo diet involves eating meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, little starch, some fruit and no sugar. On your journey you’ll find that a Paleo diet is comprised of the most nutritious and natural foods on the planet.
And knowing what you’re going to eat during your transition to the Paleo diet will keep you on track. Eating paleo will allow you to feel better, gain strength, and drop body fat while gaining lean muscle. I guarantee if you make your next meal a Paleo meal you will feel the difference immediately. I’m not really a jerk, but I can’t eat a Paleo diet for you while you feel all great things that come from the Paleo diet. Unless you decided to go “cold turkey” Paleo, then toss all non-Paleo foods away my friend.
Others looked at me like I was jerk for buying nutritious foods while they filled their baskets with frozen pizzas, potato chips, soda, and ice cream.

Regardless of your motivations for going Paleo, you’ll find one reason that strikes a chord deep inside. If you are like me just and want to cut right to it just look at this great graphic from CrossFit Geelong that pretty much sums it up! These diseases were rare or nonexistent in the Paleolithic era and can largely be blamed on excessive consumption of modern foods including cereals, refined sugars, processed vegetable oils and industrially-raised meats.
BUT IF the prospect of no alcohol is what is going to keep you from doing this know that an occasional glass of red wine or occasional shot of tequila is considered OK by most paleo diet followers. Endurance athletes can follow a paleo diet although you may need to consume more fat to keep your energy up.

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