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Rub olive oil onto both sides of ribs, then repeat using brown sugar and Creole seasoning mixture.
Cut ribs into individual pieces and serve immediately, or cool and freeze for a later date. Whether you like your roast cooked rare or medium, click here for prime rib cooking times and directions to ensure you have a perfectly roasted prime rib or rib roast for the holidays. Residual Heat or Carry-Over Cooking: Remember, the rib roast will continue to cook as it sets.
Sub-Commandment i: The Perfect Prime Rib must be cookable without the use of heavy or specialized equipment, including propane or oxy-acetylene torches, sous-vide machines, or C-vap ovens. Before I tried to start figuring out how to achieve all these goals simultaneousl,y it was helpful to note that when cooking beef to medium-rare, there are really only two temperatures that matter. In other words, by cooking it at a lower temperature, you make sure to minimize the volume of beef that comes above the ideal final temperature.
Well the big deal, as some of the more astute readers may have noticed in the timing above, is that if you are starting with a completely raw roast, in order to get a well-browned crust, it takes around 15 minutes in the hot pan, during which time, the meat under the surface on the outer layers of the roast is busy heating up and overcooking, just like they did when roasted in a 400В°F oven.

On the other hand, a prime rib that has first been roasted has had several hours in a hot oven, during which time the exterior has completely dried out, making searing much more efficient, and thus giving all but the very exterior of the meat less of a chance of overcooking. While some recipes will have you simply pump up the oven temperature towards the end of cooking, this is sub-optimal.
But then, I thought, 20 to 30 minutes is exactly how long a rib roast needs to rest anyhow. The cooking time for this popular holiday main dish depends on the weight of the roast, so plan ahead if you are feeding a crowd. Searing in a pan is not that practical for a joint bigger than a couple of ribs wide, so I needed a way to do this all in the oven. An oven can take 20 or 30 minutes to go from its lowest temperature to its highest temperature setting, during which time, once again, the outer layers of beef are busy overcooking. I found that by cooking with this two stage method, I had a much larger window of time to serve the beef.
Kenji LГіpez-Alt is the Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, and author of the James Beard Award-nominated column The Food Lab, where he unravels the science of home cooking.

I carefully weighed each roast at each step of the process to gauge the amount of moisture and fat lost during cooking. Once I got past the initial low-temperature phase of cooking, so long as I kept the roast covered in foil, it would stay warm for over an hour. A restaurant-trained chef and former Editor at Cook's Illustrated magazine, he is the author of upcoming The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, to be released on September 21st, 2015 by W.
All I had to do was pop it back into its 550В°F oven 8 minutes before my guests were ready to eat, and the roast would emerge hot, sizzling, and ready to carve, no need to rest it after the 500, since the only part that is being affected is the very exterior. Pork and beef contain the same amount of protein, potassium and phosphorus as poultry, fish and other seafood.

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