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It might seem like a lot of work for one meal, but we’ve tried to spread the recipe out to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible, because the less complicated your kitchen is the more likely you are to achieve absolute perfection. Make a 6% brine (thats 6g of salt for every 100g of water), you’ll want about 200g of water for a standard sized chicken.
We tend to go with some parsley and loads of sage for a classic Sage n’ Onion flavour, but you could swap those for thyme and lemon zest if that’s what you’d like – that’d certainly go well with the thyme and lemon used to flavour the chicken later. You can now put this into a disposable foil tray, loaf tin or other suitable container and store in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to use it (note: defrost before cooking if you decide to freeze it).
The reason for this is that we’re going to be cooking the chicken in an oven set between 70° and 90°C. Most chefs will tell you to briefly par-boil your potatoes, but for Heston’s perfect roast potato recipe you’re going to gently simmer them for anything up to half an hour. Heft your stock out of the fridge, tip it into a pan (we wipe clean the roasties pan for convenience) and bring to a simmer. They’ll want turning every 15 to 10 minutes, and you may have to swap the potatoes from the centre of the tray with those from the edges to ensure even cooking. We like Heston’s carrot recipe, where their water-soluble colour and flavour is preserved by gently cooking them in a pan of butter. This shouldn’t be long enough to start cooking, or more importantly overcooking, the flesh.
Toss together these festive tostadas in no time at all, turn your Christmas dinner into a Mexican-inspired feast!

3- Ingredients are all you need for this incredible, creamy Mac & Cheese, inspired by the California Pizza Kitchen! 2-Minutes and you'll have a big, steamy pot of Chili which is perfect for feeding a last-minute Christmas crowd! Christmas Eve fondue is a classic tradition, a fun way to serve your family, and a surprisingly simple way to pull together a last-minute meal! This simple shrimp stirfry is a gorgeous way to serve up a special Christmas dinner in minutes!
With the help of Heston at Home, Waitrose and ChefSteps we’ve found the absolute best recipes for Sunday Dinner. At this stage you have the option to toss these chicken pieces in oil and roast them in the oven for an hour, for a brown rather than blonde chicken stock.
After the chicken does finally reach temperature you’re supposed to rest it for 40 minutes. The effect will be more or less the same as cooking them in a pan, and you can just put them in the oven when the potatoes go in and forget about them until serving time.
You’re best off steaming them for tenderness, or briefly boiling them to preserve their bite. Toss occasionally over a medium-low heat for about 3 minutes (or until they’re done the way you like them, really).
Make sure you also check the Honest Cooking archives or do a quick search for hundreds more mouthwatering recipes.

We use a specifically-designed meat injection syringe, you can actually buy these off eBay for about a tenner.
Once it reaches full pressure turn the heat down low and leave it to work it’s magic for the next 2 hours.
Unless you want to start cooking at 7am we’d suggest telling everyone they get to eat around 2pm.
Nothing crisps up potatoes as well as dripping does, it’s what Harry Ramsden’s and McDonalds used to use for their chips. For 4 people that either means a miserly serving or deploying a gigantic paella pan, if you even have one. Heston boils for 2 minutes, but given his desperate need to add butter to recipes he likes to finish them off with a brief sauté. Once he oven is mega hot put the chicken, still on its trivet, back inside for ten minutes.
For those of you who need some last minute ideas, Honest Cooking is the perfect place to find them. Which is why I found myself hunting down ideas this morning for last-minute Christmas Eve dinners.

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