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The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse is a 100% Raw Vegan Menu Plan with recipes for every meal of the day including Delicious Fresh Foods, Juices, Mylks, Teas, Fruits, and Veggies! Week One - Easing in to the cleanse with simple, easy, nutritious, and delicious raw detox recipes and herbal teas!
The 21 Day Raw Cleanse will help you launch in to the raw vegan lifestyle with confidence!
Early Bird Special: To sign up for a Lifetime Membership to both The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program, held back-to-back continuously for the Special Price of $137 click here! Raw meals, green juices, green smoothies, salads, wraps, nut milks, guilt-free deserts, cleansing drinks, herbal teas, and more! Share your Before, During, and After pictures in the Photo section in the Online Community!
Early Bird Special: To sign up for a Lifetime Membership to both The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program, held back-to-back continuously for the Special Price of $137 click here!
In each day's instructions you will receive links to workout videos for The 21 Day Raw Cleanse to go with the diet plan so you can achieve maximum results with the greatest degree of safety. If you already have a workout routine you can stay with the one you are doing while doing the Cleanse.
If you are someone like Devon, Ana, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jacob, Laura, or Lisbeth in the Before and After photos on this site, people like me who couldn't be reached by the extremists in the raw movement but needed a common-sense, every-day approach to healthy eating that works for the long-term, that is flexible, that one can eat when pregnant or nursing, that is good for kids, that is good for athletes, and that allows one to experience good health as one gets older. When you sign up for our 21 Day Raw Cleanse, you will be directed to download a zip file, called 21days.zip with all the materials (in adobe acrobat PDF format) you need to get started on the Program. The evening before the Program starts, you will receive an email invitation to log in to The 21 Day Cleanse Raw Community, where you will be able to interact with the approximately 60 - 120 other new people who generally sign up at the beginning of a program, plus some of the now over 3000 lifetime members who have signed up since this cleanse first launched four years ago.

Lifetime Membership Special: To sign up for a Lifetime Membership to both The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program, held back-to-back continuously for the Special Price of $137 click here!
3.) Take good quality Before and After Pictures showing a visible amount of weight loss comparable to the photos on this site.
Email the Before & After Pictures and Testimonial to us along with your permission allowing us to use them on our sites and social networks. See testimonials and Before and Afters to find out what thousands of our graduates are experiencing! Developed in the 40’s by Stanley Burrows, the Master Cleanse diet was initially a detox and fast diet, created to cleanse your body. The Master Cleanse diet promotes short-term weight-loss, which puts you at risk of gaining back those lost pounds very fast.
Get ready to feel amazing with the 21 Day Cleanse immediately followed by the 28 Days Raw Program for 7 weeks raw back-to-back all starting August 17th! Still, if you have a serious medical condition please consult with your doctor before following this program. When you receive your forum invite the night before the next start date, log in to our Support Community Forum. Shop for the ingredients outlined in the first 21 Day Cleanse Shopping List on the Saturday and Sunday before the next start date.
Consider signing up for our 28 Day Transition-To-Raw Program to transition from your Cleanse in to a lifetime of healthy eating! Vegetable Juicer - any vegetable juicer will work fine (around $100 at a home store), but my favorite is the Breville Elite Juice Fountain for its ease of use and cleaning, and affordable price.

It takes in to consideration the amount of calories you are taking in during each day of the cleanse and adjusts accordingly. She resorted to a liquid diet fast, commonly known as the Master Cleans diet, Lemonade diet or the Lemonade Fast. For example, Beyonce admitted she also ate vegetables while she was on the Master Cleanse diet.
Doctors definitely don’t recommend it for pregnant and nursing women and diabetics, but if you have any other medical condition you shouldn’t follow this diet before asking the doctor’s permission first. Feel free to check out our diet section of the website where you’ll find plenty of weight loss plans (with their pros and cons) as well as tips and healthy ways of losing weight without dieting. And keep dropping weight after the cleanse with your new skills, habits, mind-set, and outlook! You will find out what types of foods work best for you to cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate with. When we eat more food than the body can handle it stuffs food anywhere it can and the cleansing systems overload and basically shut down.
Our idea of cleansing is to stop that onslaught and thus allow the body to eliminate naturally.

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