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Chinese and English bilingual Wei-Chuan's Cookbook - Chinese Snacks includes step-by-step photos enabling you to create Chinese snacks more easily.
Description: Years have passed since Chinese Snacks was published and I am pleased that it is still as popular internationally as it is in Taiwan.
I decided to revise Chinese Snacks to update and simplify the directions and, in some cases, to provide the use of new and different ingredients.

Chinese Snacks is published as an English-Chinese bilingual edition to meet the needs of the people in Taiwan and to continue to assist English-speaking people in the art of Chinese food preparation. Flaky Red Bean Buns, Golden Fried Meat Dumplings, and Four Flavor Dumplings are sampling of the snacks you'll find inside. This edition also includes step-by-step photographs that enable you to prepare Chinese snacks more easily, efficiently, and economically.

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