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Trace elements are found in minute quantities in sea water and in natural unrefined sea salt, but are often absent in food and dietary supplements. We continue to urge all persons to maintain a reserve stock of natural Celtic Sea Salts at home for several important reasons, because we are concerned people get the best organic foods and maintain their health. Celtic Sea Salt brand salt is hand-harvested and so perfectly balanced that its health benefits are immeasurable. The percentage of magnesium chloride, magnesium bromide, and sulfate varies from one salt to another.
A complex salt solution surrounds and circulates around our body’s cells, forms the plasma of our blood, and constitutes the lymphatic and duodenal fluids.
Salt cravings are common for many Americans that consume refined table salt or that restrict sodium in their diets.
Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salts contain a higher percentage of mineral-dense natural brine (sea water).
Sea water contains natural trace minerals such as ionized sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and selenium, plus trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese, and chromium. The distinctive moisture of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salt is mineral-rich brine, or "Mother Liquor," that has been traditionally used for centuries as a health elixir.
With hundreds of Doctors and Natural Health Practitioners recommending Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salt world-wide, it is no wonder that our product continues to receive industry and consumer praise alike. The salt normally used in most homes and restaurants (refined table salt) is very different from unrefined Sea Salt. It is one of nature’s finest foods, and it provides many minerals and trace minerals that exist in unique proportion in the ocean waters that feed the salt farms. Deprived of magnesium salts, test animals experience cessation of growth and die within 30 days.
In refined salt it is totally lacking and is present in insignificant quantities in boiled salt. When magnesium-rich sea salt is used as a dressing on wounds or in any disease, it promotes healing at an accelerated pace. Eating grains and vegetables grown on chemically fertilized fields, noted for being deficient in magnesium salts.
Using refined table salt or salt that contains either no magnesium salts or less than 0.007%.

There are 72 macro and micro minerals that naturally occur in sea salt, and each plays a specific role in regulating optimum physiological function and safeguarding health. However, salt should be used in moderation, with the understanding that small amounts of natural, quality salt will effectively displace the accumulation of stored refined salts from the body. In the latter case, reducing overall salt intake does not solve the problem that creates the salt craving. This bio-available high moisture content naturally lowers the amount of Sodium Chloride found in our salts.
Health Professionals recommend Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salt as a natural alternative to refined salt that may help balance blood pressure while enhancing the flavor and quality of foods. Celtic Sea Salt® Brand is referenced in more culinary and nutritional books and journals than any other salt in the world. I want to make sure I am getting enough Iodine in my diet but not sure if the Sea Salt contains any. Table salts are mined from the earth with bulldozers and heavy machinery, and then iodized, bleached, and diluted with anti-caking agents. All of these essential elements are driven out when salt is washed, refined, or kiln-dried, which removes its many minerals.
Healthy human kidneys will excrete 6 times as much salt per liter in urine than the skin through perspiration.
When dietary magnesium intakes are low or nil, the craving for salt increases considerably and compulsively as a mechanism to replenish the lack of magnesium. Celtic Sea Salt brand contains all of the naturally-occurring minerals our bodies need to maintain good health and deter disease Celtic Sea Salt brand regularly replenishes the body as nature intended, without the harmful effects associated with table salt. Hand-harvested, unrefined Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salts are recommended by Doctors and Natural Health Practitioners around the world. I read in Reader's Digest a few years back that it is this unrefined salt that such folks and really, all of us need. To us, other salt gives food a salty flavor rather than bringing out the flavor of the food. Chemicals are added to refined salt in the processing and all the beneficial minerals and trace elements that are found in natural Celtic Sea Salt® are removed. The benefits derived from magnesium salts stem from the spectacular increase in cellular activity.

Thus, for optimum health it is imperative to use a natural salt that contains the correct ratios of magnesium salts in harmony with the biological composition of the body’s cellular fluids. Unrefined, hand-harvested natural sea salt, used in the proper manner, has cured many people of unexplainable acute and chronic illnesses. This goal cannot be achieved because refined salt lacks sufficient quantities of magnesium.
Magnesium salts in the proper amount can do much, helping heal serious conditions such as enlarged prostate, dissolving kidney stones, and helping arrest some forms of cancer. When a person’s health fails to improve on a natural diet of whole grains and vegetables, failure can usually be attributed to the use of refined salt or to a total lack of salt in the diet. With Celtic Sea Salt we've never been anything but completely satisfied in 5 years of using it.
Natural salts that come from pristine clean salt farms very definitely make food more tasty, and these salts make food more digestible, and may often, even measurably, help improve health. There is a statistical relationship between senility, impotence, and diminished magnesium salts.
The total absence of dietary salt greatly inhibits the absorption of nutrients from grains and vegetables and renders them unable to function as medicine.
Refined salt contributes to multiple health and organ malfunctions due to the anti-caking agents, stabilizers, and other additives that are included in the final product. The primary function of salt is to allow body fluids to flow and to replenish necessary electrolytes. I do use the finer grain when making items like mayonnaise or anything that calls for salt, but isn't to be cooked.
Biologists tell us that the requirements of our body for salt that still contains all of the naturally occurring trace elements of seawater are very real and that these minerals must be replenished regularly in order to maintain the immune system.

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