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The real problem, Davis masterfully shows in his book, is that these flaws that we have, of reporting everything to more than nature and the laws of physics, are not dangerous inside each individual. In Chapter 1 of Caveman Logic, Davis accurately and clearly identifies the elements that led to the perpetuations of these errors and mental flaws. And before creationists and ID adepts start screaming pseudo-science at this book, or the present article, think about it first.

Hours of fun and educational too.Parents in TouchThis Usborne activity book is the sort of thing I would have adored as a child. He describes Caveman Logic in terms of the influence that our primitive brain has on our daily thoughts. All these predispositions that our brains have, of searching explanations for things, or finding solace from pain, in supernatural things is the worst legacy that Caveman Logic left us.

He is the author of several books on behavioral science and popular culture and more than one hundred scientific papers.

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