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No, It will not change his eye color.This article is referring to people who have blue eyes that appear brown because of poor health. Eyes become paler with poor health,not the other way around, it’s a sign your body does has a deficit which stops it from to producing melanin (the pigment that makes eyes brown) or that the blood flow is poorer.
Hi I was born with hazel eyes when I was born the drs thought I had down sydrome because of the color of my eyes (stupid, I know) but as a kid I had dark brown eyes and grew up eating not so healthy food items. My eyes changed from hazel to blue within 6 months of starting GAPS introduction diet, which is essentially an elimination diet I did for systemic candida. I think Steve Factor fluctuates between high raw and fully raw, and his eyes’ appearance is still changing for him. He has an 85% healingВ rateВ ofВ successВ and has treated over 250,000 patients.В His belief is that the allopathic approach (pharmaceutical, surgical, radiation) to treating disease cannot offer any “cures” to diseases because they may only remove the symptoms and never take care of the root cause. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, aka Fully Raw Kristina has a video where she talks about how her eyes changed from brown to greenish blue after years of eating a fully raw vegan diet. Mostly frozen processed food but as I have gotten older I have slowly started eating healthier and healthier especially now I eat healthier than ever and my eyes are hazel. Sorry to hear you found this information insulting, but in no part of the article did I imply that blue or other light colored irises equate to good health or that they are better than brown or dark eyes.

Ah you see, the eyes are not only a window to your soul, they are also a window to your internal health! Aside from demonstrating that raw vegansim is not just some fad diet, I’m excited to share this because there’s a great deal of skepticism going on about iridology and many otherВ holisticВ practices.
I was referring to the results of people that removed the yellow from their eyes by reducing sulfuric content in their organs. He teaches raw vegan workshops at Whole Foods and has many videos on YouTube where you can hear him speak about all the benefits of living foods and the amazing PURE ENERGY they can provide for us. In general, the diagnostic procedures used in natural medicine, including iridology (which I will demonstrate in this article), kinsesiology, pulsing, hair or tissue analysis, and many others are non-ivasive and not harmful to the patient whatsoever, coupled with a raw vegan diet (high in alkalinity), can aid in the process of removing all the obstructions that halt the body’s miraculous self-healing mechanisms. The innermost blue circle in both eyes, for example, is said to reflect the health of the stomach. Well, I don’t believe it’s a ‘coincidence’ that people’s eye colors are changing after a dramatic change in diet and lifestyle.
If they naturally have blue or green eyes, the reduction of yellow will dramatically change the color. I’ve been wanting to try this out myself, as I am so curious to know how my eyes can change too over years of eating clean and detoxing.

And this is a truly amazing way to prove that living, clean foods and detoxification can completely transform someone from the inside out. Brown eyes are advantageous during sun exposure, and very light colored eyes can indicate bad health along with cataracts. I also made it clear that it is not only about the color but the shape of the fibers as well. It has been said that the yellowish color around your pupil is sometimes an indication of your body’s toxicity. The color yellow indicates sulfuric acid in the body, and how much this yellow appears in the iris can help determine the level of acidity in the organs and glands. For many people, this yellow color can actually cover the entire eye, making their eyes appear brown or hazel, when they can really be green or blue underneath.

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