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This assumption, however, has now been called to question by recent evidence suggesting that people taking calcium supplementation are more likely to develop heart attacks, strokes, kidney stones, and painful bone spurs affecting their soft tissues and joints. While calcium is the most talked about mineral for supporting bone health, few people realize that our bones need many nutrients besides calcium—magnesium, selenium, vitamins A, D, and K, and protein, for starters. Instead of taking pills, I recommend taking some time to consider whether you follow a balanced diet that includes calcium rich foods. That’s why, whenever you rely on pills instead of foods, you risk providing nutrients in an unnatural balance, in a form that the body is ill equipped to recognize and exploit.
Marilyn and I hope you're well and reaping the benefits of adding natures super foods to your diet!

There’s a reason we never developed cravings for chalk or coral, because these foreign replacements for the bone fide article confuses the body, leading to intestinal upset and constipation, as well as other problems. In order to actually build healthy bone, multiple members from a much longer list of nutrients have to work together in concert to stimulate the cells living in your bones, to activate on the bone-building apparatus that orchestrates the building the of a collagen matrix and then mineralizing that matrix to form new bone. Unlike pills, not only do they offer the calcium, they offer your body many other building blocks together with the biochemical instructions your body listens to when it needs to build, or rebuild, healthy bone. In the case of calcium, chemistry favors reactions with certain glycoproteins in collagen, and that’s why we get the buildup of plaque, kidney stones, and bone spurs, glycoproteins that arteries, kidneys, tendons, and ligaments contain in abundance.
And food is information, a kind of biochemical message from the Earth’s living environment to the cells of your body, all Interpreted by DNA and Transformed by enzymes and exercise.

Walking, jogging and swimming help optimize circulation for nutrient delivery while activities like dancing, yoga and tai chi improve coordination and balance for reducing the accidents and falls that break bone. Seeds Think of bone-building minerals and calcium first comes to mind. Our skeleton is largely made of calcium, but other minerals play a key role too.

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