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Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters. A pregnant woman needs to ensure that her diet provides enough nutrients and energy for her baby to develop and grow properly, and also to make sure that her body is healthy enough to deal with the changes that are occurring.
For a healthy pregnancy, the mother's diet needs to be balanced and nutritious - this involves the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and consuming a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Weight gain recommendations may also vary, depending on the woman's age, fetal development, and her current health. Excessive or insufficient weight gain can undermine the health of both the fetus and the mother.
Eating seafood reduces anxiety during pregnancy - British and Brazilian researchers reported in the journal PLoS ONE (July 2013 issue) that pregnant women who regularly ate seafood had lower levels of anxiety compared to their counterparts who did not. Team leader, Professor Yuan-Xiang Pan, said "We found that exposure to a high-fat diet before birth modifies gene expression in the livers of offspring so they are more likely to overproduce glucose, which can cause early insulin resistance and diabetes." The typical Western diet, containing about 45% fat is the kind that can cause these changes. A team at the Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, reported in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates are important for the developing baby's current and future good health. In the journal Endocrinology, a team from Oregon Health & Science University explained that a high-fat diet during pregnancy raises the risk of stillbirth because the blood flow from the mother to the placenta is reduced.
Examples of foods high in monounsaturated fats include olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, canola oil, avocadoes, and many nuts and seeds.
Fiber - wholegrain foods, such as whole meal (wholegrain) bread, wild rice, wholegrain pasta, pulses, fruit and vegetables are rich in fiber. The best sources of zinc are chicken, turkey, ham, shrimps, crab, oysters, meat, fish, dairy products, beans, peanut butter, nuts, sunflower seeds, ginger, onions, bran, wheat germ, rice, pasta, cereals, eggs, lentils, and tofu.
Non-animal sources of iron, even though their iron-content may be high, are less easily absorbed by the human body.

Note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional.
While a great substitute when fresh is not available, canned and pickled vegetables are typically laden with preservatives or sauces and seasonings that add extra sodium. African-Americans develop high blood pressure more often, and at an earlier age, than whites and Mexican-Americans. For that reason, lifestyle changes such as those in the DASH eating plan have been shown to significantly help control high blood pressure. According to Tammy and Lyssie Lakatos, authors of The Secret to Skinny: How Salt Makes You Fat, processed meat, frozen pizza and Chinese food are the worst offenders when it comes to making your blood pressure go up.
Canned and pickled vegetables and vegetable juice: While a great substitute when fresh is not available, canned and pickled vegetables are typically laden with preservatives or sauces and seasonings that add extra sodium. May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month, click here to learn more about high blood pressure and ways you can reduce sodium in your diet. If you are pregnant and your diet may be impacted by ethical beliefs, religious requirements, or health conditions, you should check with your doctor. Vegan mothers should consider the following foods as good sources of protein: Quinoa (known as a "complete protein", it is said to have all the essential amino acids), tofu and soy products.
Pregnant mothers who never consumed seafood had a 53% greater risk of suffering from high levels of anxiety, the authors wrote.
Researchers from the University of Illinois reported in the Journal of Physiology that a high-fat diet may genetically program the baby for future diabetes.
Pan noted that in recent years, the Western diet has included more and more high-energy, high-fat, cafeteria-type fast foods. They wrote that "(in their study) more than half of women have low quality diets that include a high amount of animal products rich in saturated fats yet a low amount of carbohydrates from vegetables and pulses.

Women have a higher risk of developing constipation during pregnancy; eating plenty of fiber is effective in minimizing that risk. Even so, at least once a day try to eat something really delicious, like a small chunk of fine cheese or an imported chocolate. More African-American women have high blood pressure than African-American men and they have higher rates of hospitalization. Fresh and frozen (if frozen soon after picking) produce usually have a higher vitamin and other nutrient content.
Studies have shown that eating plenty of fiber during pregnancy reduces the risk (or severity) of hemorrhoids, which also become more common as the fetus grows. If the mother is vegan, she should consider the following calcium-rich foods, calcium-fortified soy milk and juices, calcium-set tofu, soybeans, bok choy, broccoli, collards, Chinese cabbage, okra, mustard greens, kale, and soynuts. Healthy levels of iron will also help prevent depression, weakness, tiredness, and irritability during pregnancy. In fact, the DASH eating plan is recognized as the diet of choice for preventing and managing high blood pressure in African-Americans.
In a recent study, Duke researchers were interested in determining what factors predicted who would adhere to the DASH eating plan.
African-American participants in the study were less likely than white participants to follow the DASH eating plan.

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