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Healthy eating can be full of roadblocks and excuses: It's too expensive, healthy foods aren't available in your area, you don't have time to cook healthy meals, you can't cook or maybe you're just too tempted by the "easier," less healthy options that are available, aka the usual take-out. New York with its constantly evolving restaurantВ culture is a foodie’s paradise, but public transportation and fourth floor walk-ups make the logistics of shopping and cooking healthy meals at home a challenge. For busy professionals, cooking and preparing food is seldom on the schedule; especially for young professionals who are starting out their careers, as well as young married couples living away from the secure and helpful environment of their mothers. Soul Food SonaliIf you are on a strict diet of no or minimal sugar, artificial colour or processed food, caffeine, meat and dairy, and if you restrict oil and salts, then this is your website to order healthy meals at work and home. But as consumer interest in health and wellness increases, the demand for healthy and convenient food options is growing -- and businesses are responding. Focusing on local, fresh ingredients and meals free of hydrogenated oils, preservatives, dyes, or artificial flavorings or sweeteners, Fullosophie makes prepared food that is healthy, but that's totally not "traditional" diet food.
The company delivers its signature boxes of fresh ingredients to most parts of the country, and offers four meat-based and three veg-based dishes that all take under 30 minutes to prepare per week.
Thankfully, food delivery services catering to health-conscious consumers are cropping up everywhere, and some of the most cutting-edge companies are located right in the heart of New York City. You can order individual meals or the Fridge Full of Food (FFoF), which contains several meals in one package.В Meals are customizable based on dietary preferences and requirements and options include Paleo-friendly meals as well as plans tailored for weight-loss.

Delivery costs are $20 to most of Manhattan, and deliveries can be made throughout the five boroughs and NYC area for an additional fee.
Hence Calorie Care takes catering to your foodie needs seriously, keeping in mind the calories.They boast of different plans to meet your fitness goal.
One Self staffer tries out the best new healthy-food delivery companies so your waistline doesn't have to suffer. Think outside the (CSA) box with new subscription and delivery services that cater to any lifestyle. You'll get an email each day with options, and your food arrives around an hour after you order. Many entrepreneurs have taken hospitality and catering to build an empire in providing healthy, unique and multi-cuisine dabba services for you. You can choose from fat loss, muscle gain, long term health, low sodium intake, and low sugar intake. Be sure to add the best-selling White Chocolate Cayenne Puppy Chow to your order for an extra treat!
The food is freshly prepared on the same day, and even the products are freshly sourced.All you have to do is register on the site, and choose from the various plans they offer.

Further you can select from medium calorie or low medium calorie plan, but they also have high medium calorie plan on their chart.В  Its My Meal is tailored by a nutritionist but that nutritionist caters to what a general healthy meal should be and not to your specific meal.
An added advantage for vegetarians, Diet Delivery claims to cook it's vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separately. An interesting concept of Yummy Tiffins is that you can decide your own dabba.The health quotient of Yummy Tiffins is that they use less salt, oil and spice but don’t worry they reassure you that the taste remains intact. An added advantage for vegetarians, Diet Delivery claims to cook it\'s vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separately. They stay away from processed food, artificial food colours and pre cooked gravies.Yummy Tiffins works in co-ordination with Mumbai's popular dabbawallas.

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