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Remember: whenever you’re trying to figure out what food is healthiest for you (gives you energy, helps you maintain stable blood sugar levels and a healthy weight), look for high protein, high fiber, low carbohydrates, and low sugar. Jennifer Downard decided once and for all that she wanted to lose weight—and used these simple strategies to do it. Broccoli is one of the BEST foods you can eat, whether it’s a snack or an side-dish for lunch or dinner.
No matter how much self control you many have, resisting the urge to chow down on junk food is not just difficult, it’s a practice akin to giving up an addiction.
By substituting junk food for tastier healthier alternatives, you can help trim down and keep those excess pounds off.

A 2003 study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) found that a single scoop of premium ice cream contained about 250 to 350 calories and a half-a-day’s worth of saturated fat. For those who are counting calories, there are sugar-free alternatives such as POWERADE ZERO, which offers all of the body’s electrolytic needs with zero sugar and calories.
So, instead of opening a pack of chips, reach for the pitta bread and a dip such as hummus. If you can’t stop the craving for fizzy drinks, try sparkling mineral water with a dash of lime.
In this guide, we feature the key nutritional information for a variety of popular snack foods.

Thankfully there are ways you can reduce the craving, and best of all these practices still involve eating! Loaded with unhealthy refined sugar, no fiber, no protein, no vitamins or minerals, candies are a snack that should be cut out of your diet altogether.

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    Seeds are loaded with protein, fiber flour in many baked goods selenium, various B vitamins, phosphorous.
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    You Know?Sunflower seed flour almond flour in many baked vitamin E, copper, manganese, selenium.